Travel Pack 3 for PowerDirector

Add vitality and luster to your travel and vacation videos! This easy-to-use collection of professionally designed particle, PiP, and title templates will add fun and sparkle to your video travelogues.

Travel Pack 3 for PowerDirector includes:

  • 10 Particle Templates - Create more compelling travel and vacation videos with colorfully animated particles like cars, buses, and famous landmarks.

  • 10 PiP Object Templates - Choose from a selection of cheerful elements to add to your video: animated postcards, parasol sunsets, and many more.

  • 10 Title Templates - Turn your videos into travel shorts with elegant title animations.

Designed for: PowerDirector 12 and above.

Particle Templates

Particle templates let you add a twinkling skyline, a cute cascade of minivans, or even a flurry of animated travel accessories to your video, allowing you to create an authentic travel atmosphere.

Choose from ten wonderfully animated effects and upgrade your video footage into something truly special.

Collection of Pleasing Particles
Pip Object Templates

The Travel pack PiP object template set is comprised of delightful objects that can either accent your video, or serve as its centerpiece: Insert animated destination points, airplane flyover, campsite bear, parasol sunset, and many more.

Pick your favorite, or choose several complementary templates together to make your video creation one to remember.

PiP Object Collection
Title Templates

Ten marvelous title templates give you the power to quickly and easily add animated text effects, such as departure board, takeoff trajectory, and many more travelers' delights.

Use these title templates as video introductions, chapter starters, or even as flavor text to comment on your travel escapades!

Terrific Titles

Add style to your travel videos today!