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MediaShow Espresso 5.5 

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MediaShow Espresso's support for NVIDIA® CUDA™ and ATI ® Stream™ technology delivers huge gains when transcoding high-definition video content. Delivering up to 10X FASTER performance, MediaShow Espresso leverages the power of the GPU to the maximum and produces faster results.

Optimized for HD Transcoding into H.264

With faster speeds for HD video transcoding, you'll spend less time converting home videos to H.264,
and more time enjoying your movie masterpieces. MediaShow Espresso allows the output of H.264
content for playback on PSP, iPod, iPhone and PS3 and a choice of video profiles for high quality or
small file sizes. Increase your performance by 10x with GPU optimization with NVIDIA & ATI

NVIDIA CUDA supports the decoding of H.264 content too, delivering faster times for handling the overall conversion process by transferring the intial stage of decoding content from your computer's CPU to NVIDIA's GPU. This ensures that MediaShow Espresso now lets you convert your videos even quicker.

Maximum CPU Utilization

By leveraging accelerated computing power, MediaShow Espresso performs video transcoding significantly faster. Complete utilization of the CPU enables easier handling of processor-intensive functions such as HD video conversion. Check out the difference of your CPU performance with ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA technology.

NVIDIA'S Supported Graphics Cards

NVIDIA CUDA optimizes your video conversion times significantlyNVIDIA CUDA technology, including the latest Fermi architecture, enables MediaShow Espresso to achieve massive gains in converting video. Fermi designed VGA card is the latest and fastest VGA card offered by NVIDIA. MediaShow Espresso supports the following graphics card series from NVIDIA for transcoding video: GeForce, GeForce Mobile, Quadro, Quadro Mobile, and Tesla.

See the System Requirements page for a detailed list of supported graphics cards.

Accelerated Computing—ATI Stream
MediaShow Espresso is optimized for ATI Stream technology

MediaShow Espresso's support for ATI ® Stream™ technology lets users leverage advanced hardware and software technologies that enable AMD graphics processors (GPU), working in concert with the systems central processor (CPU), to accelerate the video conversion process. This ensures more balanced system performance for faster handling of HD video transcoding.

In conjunction with ATI Stream technology, MediaShow Espresso accelerates the conversion of standard and HD video into multiple formats for use on various consumer electronics devices. Support is also available for UVD (Unified Video Decoder), a video decoding unit of ATI Stream that supports the hardware decode of H.264 and VC-1 video codec. Thus, MediaShow Espresso provides quick output of video content for playback on PSP, iPad, iPod, and iPhone platforms.

See the System Requirements page for a detailed list of supported graphics cards.

Note: in order to enjoy speed gains while transcoding you will need to install the ATI Avivo™ converter from the ATI website