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PowerDirector Mobile

Create stunning videos with AI assist tools & special effects.
AI-Powered Deblur



Create stunning videos with smart tools & visual effects.

  • Hollywood-Style
    Special Effects

    Use powerful chroma key tools for replacing green screens to transport yourself to fantastic destinations.

  • AI-Powered Deblur
  • Free Stock Library

    Access millions of videos and images, all royalty-free!

  • AI-Powered Deblur
  • Save Time With Shareable
    Video Intros

    Discover and create attention-grabbing video intros alongside our community of creatives.

    View all Templates >

  • AI-Powered Deblur
  • Edit Vertically or Horizontally

    Use portrait mode for quick edits or rotate your device to fine-tune in landscape mode.

  • AI-Powered Deblur

Goodbye Shaky Footage

Instantly fix shots with unwanted camera movement.

AI-Powered Deblur

Flawless Transitions

Seamlessly connect your shots.

AI-Powered Deblur
  • Mind Bending Visuals

    Apply blending modes to create spectacular double exposure effects.

  • AI-Powered Deblur
  • Glitch Pack
  • Beating effect
  • Retro Film &
    TV Effect Pack
  • Black & White effect

Enhance Reality

Amplify your shots with studio-quality visual filters and effects.

  • AI-Powered Deblur
  • Customizable Titles

    Add titles with dynamic animations.

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