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A NEW & BETTER YouTube Experience

Watching videos online is an international past time, with the majority of viewers surfing to Transform your video experience with CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer, which delivers a sharper picture, ultra-high brightness, deeper black levels with enhanced shadow details, and better saturation. Watching videos online will never be the same again.

Absolutely Amazing Quality

After installing CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer, your next visit at YouTube via Internet Explorer (IE) web browser will have a special visual treat in store—the picture quality has already been redefined by CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer. When you start playing your favorite videos, you'll notice a CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer icon located in the top right corner. You may either keep enjoying videos using YouTube's interface for navigation, or click on the icon to launch the CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer application for a different kind of video experience.CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer delivers A NEW & BETTER YouTube Experience

Amazing in Full Screen

Never compromise your full screen viewing pleasure at again. With CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer, experience the amazing video quality provided by TrueTheater Enhancer as more fine details are revealed, colors come alive in an enriched fashion, and scenes are illuminated.

Sharpness and Lighting Adjustment

The sharpness and lighting intensity can be set manually with CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer. Simply drag the sliders to adjust to your liking.

TrueTheater Enhancer: Display Modes for Instant Comparison

With a slick interface and controls designed to enhance the YouTube viewing experience, CyberLink TrueTheater Enhancer makes it easy to let you enjoy a truly enhanced picture. Instantly compare the original video quality with TrueTheater Enhancer's improved quality using the 2 display modes such as the side-by-side display or splitting the image down-the-middle into 2 equal divisions.

TrueTheater Enhancer UI is available in place of your IE browser TrueTheater Enhancer conveniently compares original YouTube video quality vs. TrueTheater Enhancer quality side-by-side TrueTheater Enhancer can split the video into 2 equal sides to compare original quality vs. enhanced quality
Full Mode
Side-by-Side Mode
Split Mode