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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / What is TrueTheater in CyberLink PowerDVD?
What is TrueTheater in CyberLink PowerDVD?
Applied to: PowerDVD 12 , PowerDVD 11 , PowerDVD 10

Click   to display the TrueTheater Effects* window.

TrueTheater Video Effects

Auto adjustment:
select this option to apply all TrueTheater effects automatically when playing DVDs and videos. CyberLink PowerDVD dynamically adjusts (turns on or off ) TrueTheater HD and Motion according to the CPU usage and mobile power settings (notebook/laptop users only).

TrueTheater HD:
select this option to up scale the original video to a higher resolution version, which is sharper and artifact-free. TrueTheater HD is capable of boosting 480p video to 1080p. Use the slider to adjust the sharpness to the best output that suits your configuration.
Note: if your computer supports NVIDIA CUDA/AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing technology, select Enable NVIDIA CUDA/AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing to use GPU acceleration to decode the video for smoother playback when TrueTheater HD is enabled.

TrueTheater Lighting:
is a video enhancement technology developed by CyberLink that detects video content and dynamically adjusts the brightness/contrast/saturation ratios so that you do not need to change the color settings if the video you are watching contains scenes that are overly dark or too bright. Use the level slider to adjust the TrueTheater Lighting effect the desired amount.

TrueTheater Motion:
select this option to enable frame rate upsampling, from 24 fps up to 60 fps, to make panning scenes, particularly in action movies, play more smoothly. The Smoother option doubles the frame rate of the original movie content, while Smoothest can improve the frame rate of video content to 60 or 72 fps, depending on the output frame rate of your display.

TrueTheater Noise Reduction:
select this option to reduce the amount of video noise when playing home video files in CyberLink PowerDVD, including High-ISO and TV signal noise. Once enabled, drag the slider to increase or decrease the level of noise reduction on the video.
Note: this feature is not available for disc playback.

TrueTheater Stabilizer:
select this option to employ motion compensation technology when playing home video files that are shaky. This feature is ideal for use with video files taken without a tripod or recorded while moving.
Note: this feature is not available for disc playback.

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