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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / How do I use YouCam for video surveillance?
How do I use YouCam for video surveillance?
Applied to: YouCam 5.0

CyberLink YouCam allows you to select from a number of video surveillance options, or timed recordings, which let you set a time when the recording automatically stops recording. You can also make a time-lapse recording or set up your webcam to begin recording when it detects motion.

Then once CyberLink YouCam finishes recording, you can have the program automatically e-mail the captured video to a specified e-mail address.

Before using video surveillance, please make sure you have enough hard disk space available. The recording stops automatically if there is less than 100 MB on your hard drive. A warning message pop ups to inform you that the recording is about to stop if this occurs.
If you enabled auto-email setting, please ensure your e-mail server is able to use outgoing mail (SMTP) server and filled in SMTP host section correctly. Please consult your ISP provider for how to set up SMTP host address.

Note: Some ISP providers don't provide SMTP host service for free.

For further detail instructions, please refer to YouCam user’s guide.

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