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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Download & Installation / What is the CyberLink Cleaner Tool? How do I use CyberLink Cleaner Tool?
What is the CyberLink Cleaner Tool? How do I use CyberLink Cleaner Tool?

The CyberLink Cleaner Tool is designed to resolve un-installation or installation problems with CyberLink software. Each CyberLink product version has a different CyberLink Cleaner Tool.

The error messages listed below that may occur during installation are known to be resolved with CyberLink Cleaner Tool:

  • Error: The product definition file lost.
  • Error 1402. Could not open key: {Keyname}.
  • Error 1603. A fatal error occurred during installation.
  • Error 1612. The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.
  • Error 1706. Setup cannot find the required files.
  • Error: Can't load SKUtil.dll.
  • Error: Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.


How do I use CyberLink Cleaner Tool?

The following steps guide you on how to use the CyberLink Cleaner Tool that can help resolve CyberLink program installation issues.

  1. Uninstall your CyberLink program from Control Panelbefore using the cleaner tool.
    • Windows XP: uninstall via [Control Panel] > [Add or Remove Programs]
    • Windows Vista or Windows 7: uninstall via [Control Panel] > [Programs] > [Programs And Features]
      Note: Skip this step if you have encountered error while un-installation.
  2. Unzip the downloaded CyberLink Cleaner Tool, which has a file name that is similar to "CLCleaner-product".
  3. Double click on "CLCleaner-product _version.exe" to run the tool.
  4. Restart your system.
  5. Proceed with the installation of the CyberLink program.

Note: The CyberLink Cleaner Tool does not entirely remove a CyberLink program, but helps resolve the installation issues.


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