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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Download & Installation / Who is the CyberLink Digital Locker for?
Who is the CyberLink Digital Locker for?

CyberLink Digital Locker is currently designed for users who purchased the retail boxed versions of CyberLink software. If you lose the installation disc, you can conveniently download the software from the CyberLink Digital Locker. Products that support the CyberLink Digital Locker can be redeemed through the CyberLink Digital Locker page seen below.

Please also note that CyberLink Digital Locker is not currently supported for the download versions of CyberLink products.

(Starting from the day your product key is verified with CyberLink Digital Locker, you have 30 days to download it. It can be downloaded an unlimited number of times in that 30 day span.)


You only have to enter your product key once. If you have already entered your product key in the CyberLink Digital Locker page, you can download your digital copy of the software from CyberLink Members Zone.

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