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What can I do if I encounter problems while entering my product key for CyberLink Digital Locker?

Scenario 1:

If you receive the message, “Error: Your product key was used previously. Please contact customer support for further help.” as seen below.


This means that you may have entered your product key already. Please keep in mind that every product key only needs to be entered once. After the product key is entered and verified, you cannot use it again with your account or another account.


You can log in to CyberLink Members Zone with your CyberLink account to download your software.


If you did not enter your product key previously and you encounter this problem, please contact customer support for help.


Scenario 2:

When you receive the message, “Error: Your product key was not recognized, is out of date, or was previously entered. Please try again. If you still encounter difficulties, please contact customer service.” as seen below.


This may be because of one of the following reasons.

  1. The product key you entered was verified previously and the digital copy of the software was downloaded.
  2. The product key was verified, but the digital copy download has expired.
  3. You may have mistyped the product key. Please try the following steps.
  • The product key contains only uppercase letters and numbers.
  • Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the product key.
  • Check for the possible confusion between these characters in the product key:

5 - five

S - uppercase s

8 - eight

B - uppercase b


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