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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / What does render preview do in CyberLink PowerDirector?
What does render preview do in CyberLink PowerDirector?
Applied to: PowerDirector 12.0 , PowerDirector 11.0

Starting from PowerDirector version 11, render preview allows you to pre-render a range of your complex project in timeline. When you render previews, CyberLink PowerDirector creates mpeg files of these rendered sections. This allows you to have smoother previews of your production that can be viewed in real time.

Video editing software like CyberLink PowerDirector needs a powerful computer for editing video, especially HD video. If you find that your computer performance is not enough when you’re editing a project, you can use the render preview feature. However, even if you have a powerful computer, sometimes you may find that the previews of your project are not so smooth, especially if editing a complex project that includes many video enhancements, transitions, effects, etc.. The render preview feature will reduce the preview “lagging” that can occur when editing a complex project on high end machines.


Automatic Render Preview

When your system is running low on or out of memory, PowerDirector will do render preview on the more complex parts of your project automatically to create preview cache files. This can prevent the program from crashing and you losing your project if your system overloads.


Manual Render Preview

You can also select a range of the timeline if you want to do a render preview manually. To do this:

  1. Click and drag one of the arrows on either side of the timeline slider to select a range of media on the timeline.
  2. Click on Render Preview button to start rendering the selected content.render preview
  3. Wait until the render process is complete. The status of the render process is displayed above the timeline.
    render preview
  4. Once complete, you can play back this section of the preview with smoother results.
    render preview

Note: Once you change, modify or adding effect content to the rendered section, you will need to do render the preview rendner again.


Preview Rendered Files

The rendered preview files that are created are stored in the Preview Cache Files folder in the Export folder specified in File preferences. The default location is:
C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\CyberLink\PowerDirector\12.0\Preview Cache Files

You can set the export folder location as required:
Click on Preferences button > File > Export folder

When you completely done with a project, you can remove preview rendered files to save disk space:
Click on Preferences button > General > click Manually Delete button > Select Preview cached rendered file items> Delete Selected Files

Note: The generated preview render cache file resolution depends on your preview resolution setting.



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