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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / General troubleshooting for installing or uninstalling CyberLink PowerDirector 12.
General troubleshooting for installing or uninstalling CyberLink PowerDirector 12.
Applied to: PowerDirector 12



CyberLink has a cleaner tool that can resolve most of the installation issues you may face. The error messages listed below may occur during installation, and can be resolved with the CyberLink Cleaner Tool:

  • Error: The product definition file lost.
  • Error 1402. Could not open key.
  • Error 1603. A fatal error occurred during installation.
  • Error 1612. The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.
  • Error 1706. Setup cannot find the required files.
  • Error: Can't load SKUtil.dll.
  • Error: Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.


Note that there are two common installation issues you may face. You should use the correct version of CLCleaner to resolve these installation issues. Follow the below guidelines to determine which version of CLCleaner you should use.

Scenario 1: If you can’t to install an "upgrade version" of PowerDirector 12, you should use CLCleaner-PowerDirector_11.0.exe or CLCleaner2-PowerDirector_10.exe..., depending on which previous version of PowerDirector you have installed (are upgrading from).

Scenario 2: You were unsuccessfully able to install the "full or patch version" of CyberLink PowerDirector 12. To fix this, use CLCleaner-PowerDirector_12.0.exe


OK, now you are ready to download CLCleaner tool for CyberLink PowerDirector.


How do I use CyberLink Cleaner Tool?

The following steps will guide you through the use of the CyberLink Cleaner Tool, which can help resolve CyberLink program installation issues.

  1. Remove CyberLink PowerDirector version 12 and previous version from Control Panel before using the cleaner tool:

    1) Quit the PowerDirector programs, if it is running.

    2) In Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs.

    3) Select CyberLink PowerDirector from the list of currently installed programs, then click Remove.

    4) After the program is uninstalled, restart your computer.

    Note: Skip this step if you encountered error during the un-installation.

  2. Unzip the downloaded CyberLink Cleaner Tool, which has a file name that is similar to "CLCleaner-PowerDirector _12.0.zip".
  3. Double click on "CLCleaner-PowerDirector _12.0.exe" to run the tool.
  4. Restart your computer again.
  5. Reinstall the CyberLink program.

Note: The CyberLink Cleaner Tool does not entirely remove a CyberLink program, but helps resolve the installation issues.


If above steps still cannot solve your issue, continue with the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Try manually removing the CyberLink PowerDirector 12 and any previous version's folder from Program Files:
  1. Go to C:\Program Files\CyberLink\

  2. Delete the CyberLink PowerDirector 12 folder and previous version's folder

  3. If you cannot delete the folder, try the following steps:

    1) Press Ctrl + Shift + Escat the same time to access the Task Manager

    2) Switch to Process tab

    3) Delete related processes that are running in the background.

    For example: process for PowerDirector 12 and previous version may be called PDR12.exe, and PDRHanumanSvr.exe...etc.

    4) Go back to C:\Program Files\CyberLink\

    5) Try deleting the PowerDirector 12 and previous version folders again.

  4. Restart your computer.

  5. Reinstall CyberLink PowerDirector.


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