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What can I do if I still cannot successfully play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies even after my platform is verified as capable of playback by Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor?

CyberLink provides the Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor to help you check if your platform supports Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray movie playback. You can download and install the advisor here.

If your platform passes and the BD Advisor says it supports Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback, but you still get an error when trying to play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, you can try the following suggestions:

  1. Update your graphics driver to the latest version from your graphics processor manufacturer's website.
  2. Ensure the BIOS* firmware of your PC/mainboard is the latest version provided from your PC vendor. You can update the BIOS from your PC/mainboard manufacturer's website.
  3. Ensure the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) feature** on your PC is enabled with 128 MB or above memory space allocated in your PC's BIOS.
  4. Install the latest full version of the Intel Management Engine driver (Using SetupME.exe installer, but not the MEISetup.exe) that's offered from your PC/mainboard manufacturer.
  5. Ensure your display device is connected or powered by your Intel graphics.
  6. Uninstall PowerDVD and Intel Software Guard Extensions Platform Software from Windows Control Panel -> Programs. Reboot Windows, and then reinstall PowerDVD directly to check the Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback condition.

If the above suggestions cannot help you resolve the problem, please contact CyberLink technical support with the error message information.



* If you cannot find the BIOS firmware update, please consult your PC manufacturer to download and install the required updates.

** To perform this function in the BIOS, you should refer to the user manual of your PC or consult your PC manufacturer.


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