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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / PowerDVD 12/13/14 Blu-ray movie playback is no longer supported for Windows XP and Vista
PowerDVD 12/13/14 Blu-ray movie playback is no longer supported for Windows XP and Vista
Applied to: PowerDVD 14.0 , PowerDVD 13.0 , PowerDVD 12.0

Commercial Blu-ray movies have digital content protection on the disc to prevent them from unauthorized playback. To continually support Blu-ray movie playback on a PC, the software player requires periodical program updates to refresh the playback components for further security compatibility.

To support the latest security protection standard on program files, new versions of PowerDVD and program patch updates include SHA-2 file signing. SHA-2 is the latest high level file security standard for protecting program files, and is supported on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and above versions of Windows. However, for older versions of Windows, the new file security standard only has limited support on legacy Windows Vista and XP computers. This is because Microsoft has stopped Windows compatibility and security updates for Windows Vista and below versions of Windows.

Because of this, the new versions and program patches for PowerDVD cannot be installed on Windows Vista or XP platforms. As a result, PowerDVD can no longer play back Blu-ray movies on Windows Vista or XP platforms.

If you currently have the PowerDVD program installed on a Windows Vista or XP platform, we suggest that you reinstall it on a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or above platform to continue Blu-ray movie playback.

To learn more about new file security standard (SHA-2) and Windows compatibility:

If there are more questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know via CyberLink customer support.

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