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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / What are the minimum system requirements for the CyberLink AI Style Plugin?
What are the minimum system requirements for the CyberLink AI Style Plugin?
Applied to: CyberLink Plug-ins & Effects

The CyberLink AI Style Plugin minimum system requirements:

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)

CPU Processor

Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above.
(Intel Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom® II X4 above recommended)

Graphics Card

2GB VGA VRAM or higher (supports CUDA 3.0 or above)

GeForce 830M/ 840M/ 845M/ 870M

GeForce GT 630 v2/ 640(GDDR5)/ 640M/ 640M LE/ 645M/ 650M/ 710/ 720/ 730/ 730M/ 735M/ 740/ 740M/ 740M (64-bit, DDR3)/ 745M/ 750M/ 920M/ 1030

GeForce GTX 650/ 650 Ti/ 650 Ti BOOST/ 660/ 660M/ 660 Ti/ 670/ 670MX/ 675MX/ 680/ 680M/ 680MX/ 690/ 750/ 750 SE/ 750 Ti/ 760/ 760M/ 765M/ 770/ 770M/ 780/ 780M/ 780 Ti/ 850M/ 860M/ 870M/ 880M/ 930M/ 940M/ 950/ 950M/ 960/ 960M/ 965M/ 970/ 970M/ 980/ 980M/ 980 Ti/ 1050/ 1050 Ti/ 1060/ 1070/ 1070 Ti/ 1080/ 1080 Ti/ Titan/ Titan Black/ Titan X/ Titan Z

GRID K340/ GRID K520/ MX150/ NVS 510/ NVS 810

GeForce RTX 20 series

Quadro 410/ GP100/ GV100/ K420/ K500M/ K510M/ K600/ K610M/ K620/ K1000M/ K1100M/ K1200/ K2000/ K2000M/ K2000D/ K2100M/ K2200/ K3000M/ K3100M/ K4000/ K4000M/ K4100M/ K4200/ K5000/ K5000M/ K5100M/ K5200/ K6000/ M600M/ K620M/ M1000M/ M2000/ M2000M/ M3000M/ M4000/ M4000M/ M5000/ M5000M/ M5500/ M6000/ M6000 24GB/ P400/ P600/ P1000/ P2000/ P3000(Mobile)/ P4000/ P4000(Mobile)/ P5000/ P5000(Mobile)/ P6000


Tesla K10/ K20/ K20x /K40/ K80/ M6/ M4/ M10/ M40/ M60/ P4/ P6/ P40/ P100/ V100

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above.


2GB required (6GB or above recommended)

Hard Disk Space

1GB required minimum

Internet Connection

Required for program activation, and other online services.


Windows Media Player 9 or above is required.

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