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How do I upgrade my software?

Upgrading your software means you want to upgrade your bundled (OEM) or older version to a full/newer major version. Generally you will need to purchase an Upgrade version of the current software. For example, upgrade PowerDirector 4 to PowerDirector 5, or upgrade PowerDVD 7 OEM version to PowerDVD 7 Deluxe version.

To upgrade your software, please visit the CyberLink online store and click the 'Upgrade' button of your product. This will lead you to a page where you can find all our currently available upgrades.

If you own one of our newer CyberLink products, you will find an Upgrade button on the user interface (UI). If this button is clickable (not disabled), means there's an upgrade for your product is available. Please click the Upgrade icon and follow the instructions provided on the screen to purchase an Upgrade version of your product.

For latest version of CyberLink products, there is a message pop-up from Windows Task bar to remind you whenever an update is available.

Note: An Upgrade is different from a Update, click here for the differences.
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