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What's the difference between update and upgrade?

An update is a free program that fixes issues with the software or adds more hardware support while Upgrades add additional features to your software product and are not free.

  • Updates (Patches)
    In software terms, a patch (or update) is meant to address two issues -- (1) to correct bugs (or problems) within the software that makes it perform less than optimal and (2) to add new compatible hardware support. The latter is due to the constant development of hardware since the launch of our software. All updates are available for free on our website.
  • Upgrades
    Upgrades are different in the sense that they do not address the two issues, but rather make an OEM version (refers to our software that came bundled with some hardware you purchased) or Standard version and advances it to the next version. Basically adding more features to your program. They can be purchased from CyberLink Online Store.
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