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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Download & Installation / How do I contact CyberLink for a technical support or a program failure?
How do I contact CyberLink for a technical support or a program failure?

If you encounter some difficulties when using CyberLink products, you're welcome to send your questions to our technical support team any time. Please follow the instructions below to submit your inquiry:

  1. On the CyberLink web site, click the Support tab, and then click Customer Support.
  2. Click Contact Technical Support link on the left-hand side of the web page.
  3. If you didn't log in as CyberLink member, please log in with your member account.
    - If you don't have a CyberLink Members account, click here.
    - If you forget your password, click here.
  4. After you are logged in, you can start to fill out the technical support form. Those fields marked with an "*" indicate that they are required while others are optional. However, please fill in as much detail as you can, as this will speed up the technical support process.
  5. Once you have filled out all the required fields, click Submit to complete the form. After the submission, you'll get a CSID for your inquiry and there'll be a notification e-mail sent to you so that you can track your inquiry through this mail and CSID. 
Note: For easy tracking of your inquiries, please submit another technical support form for different questions.
Note: CyberLink doesn't provide free voice support fo far. If you would like to order voice support, click here.
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