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CyberLink Support Center / FAQs – Products / How do I know my environment is HDCP compatible?
How do I know my environment is HDCP compatible?
Applied to:
CyberLink BD HD advisor tool can check your environment if it’s HDCP compatible. Open it from Start => All Programs => CyberLink PowerDVD => BD Advisor.
Click “Scan for Blu-ray Disc Support”.
Check item Video connection type. If your environment is HDCP compatible, you can see the result, “Digital (with HDCP)”, and get green dot.
If you don’t purchase PowerDVD Ultra, you can download CyberLink BD advisor tool from CyberLink Website.
To play Blu-ray Disc titles on a computer through a digital DVI or HDMI interface, the following 3 criteria need to be satisfied:
Graphics card is HDCP-compliant.
Graphics card driver supports HDCP.
Display is HDCP ready.
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