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Why won’t some of the DVDs I burn within CyberLink PowerDirector play on certain DVD players?

Burned DVDs can be played in most DVD drives of the computer, but sometimes they fail to get recognized in a home/conventional DVD player. In such cases, the issue that you are facing can be due to:

In many home DVD player and DVD-ROM drives, only specific disc media type is supported. For specific information, we will suggest you contact the manufacturer of the home DVD player and DVD-ROM drives to check the compatible type of DVD media that can be played after burning, as all such technical details regarding the DVD Player are with the manufacturer of such devices.

Please follow the below burning suggestion before burning the DVD:

  1. Please ensure your CyberLink PowerDirector is up-to-date. You can check software updates from below page:
  2. Make sure there is sufficient hard disk space. Please check system requirement page.
  3. Update the firmware/driver for you CD/DVD/BD writer. Please contact your CD/DVD/BD writer manufacturer for updated firmware/drivers.
  4. Choose the lowest possible speed for recording a disc.
  5. Use a good quality supported media to burn the disc. CD/DVD/BD writers are not compatible with all type/brand of discs. Please contact your CD/DVD writer manufacturer regarding the supported disc types for your player. Try some different and recommended brands of blank CD/DVD/BD discs.
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