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How can I extract the audio track from a video file in CyberLink PowerDVD 15?

You can extract the audio track of a video file and import it into the media library.* To extract audio from a video file, do this:

  1. Browse and find the video file in CyberLink PowerDVD, either in the Movie Library or via the My Computer tab.
  2. Right-click on the video file you want to extract the audio from, and then select Extract Audio.
    Extract Audio
  3. Click the More Settings button to configure the extract audio settings as follows:
    Extract Audio
    - Destination directory
    : set the location where you want to save the audio file.
    - Format: select the preferred audio file format of the extracted audio.**
    - Bitrate: set the quality of the extracted audio file.
    More Settings
    Click OK to close the More Settings dialog.
  4. Click the Extract button to extract the audio and import it into the media library.


* you cannot extract audio from DVD or Blu-ray video discs.

** the extracted audio file will only have 2 channels, even if the original video file had more than 2 channels.

** if a video file has multiple language tracks, CyberLink PowerDVD extracts the first language track only.

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