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What is High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video? How do I play back HDR video in CyberLink PowerDVD 18?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is encoded with a broader color range, and higher contrast and brightness. It brings you a more vivid visual experience versus traditional Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video content. (e.g. Blu-ray and DVD movies are both SDR content.)

There are several HDR technologies (e.g. HDR 10, Dolby Vision) on the market, and PowerDVD 18 currently supports the HDR playback on HDR 10 encoded videos. Other HDR encoded videos will be played in SDR mode instead.

To play back an HDR 10 video, or use TrueTheater HDR* to upscale your SDR video playback with PowerDVD 18 on your PC, you are advised to ensure your graphics processor, display device and display cable have HDR 10 playback compatibility. The display device must support the HDR display feature, and the display cable/connection interface is required as HDMI 2.0a, DisplayPort 1.4 version or above.

If your display hardware does not have the HDR display capability, the HDR video content will be played in SDR mode instead.

To learn more about the difference between HDR playback and SDR playback, you can refer to the tutorial videos.


* TrueTheater HDR provides the software emulation to upscale your SDR video color with HDR effect for viewing. To enable the TrueTheater HDR enhancement, you can configure the settings in your TrueTheater video enhancement panel of PowerDVD 18.
TrueTheater HDR upscaling is not available for DVD movies, on 360° video, during 3D video playback, or when a video file's resolution is above 2048 x 1152.


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