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How do I renew my CyberLink subscription?

The CyberLink subscription offers two renewal methods.

  • Auto renewal: Auto Renewal is a convenient option that allows you to automatically continue your subscription without interruption. Auto Renewal is convenient, particularly if you are not good at keeping up with renewal dates.
  • Manual renewal: Customers have to login to CyberLink Members Zone and pay to renew the subscription.

Use the following procedure to renew your subscription software:

    1. Sign in to CyberLink Members Zone
    2. Click Manage My Subscriptions on the right side of the page.
    3. Click Renew in My Subscriptions area.
    4. On the subscription checkout page, you can select the payment method.
    5. Click Submit to complete your renewal purchase.


By default, the renewal method for all CyberLink subscription software will be set to Auto-renewal.

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