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Screen Capture

Here is a quick and easy way to capture a video scene as an image.
PowerDVD gives you more control over your DVD screen captures than ever! Now you can change the size of the captured image from within PowerDVD without the need for an image editing software. You can control the image size, giving you captures anywhere from a tiny "thumbnail" up to full-screen or any size in between. This very special feature is unique to PowerDVD, and is not available on any other software DVD decoder.

You can can capture an image(s) from a movie and save it to file, your desktop (as a wallpaper), or to the clipboard. This is a cool way to collect images from your favorite movies, and PowerDVD gives you multiple ways to handle them. Perhaps you want a new desktop wallpaper, a new screen saver, or maybe you even want to build a collection of pictures from your favorite films. Whatever you choose to do, the screen capture feature is a fun, and interesting tool to use.

Configuration Button

Step 1

Open your PowerDVD program and press the play button to start the movie.

Step 2

Locate the Configuration button (shown above) on your User Interface (or press "Ctrl-C").

Step 3

After clicking on the Configuration button a menu will open up. Click on the "Advanced..." button near the bottom of the menu.

Configuration Menu Screenshot

Configuration Menu Screenshot