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Importing videos using Gear 360 ActionDirector

In this tutorial, we will show you how to import videos captured from your Gear 360, directly into Gear 360 ActionDirector. The original video footage captured from your Gear 360 is in dual-sphere format, as shown in following graphic (1). If you would like to edit your video or upload and share your video on YouTube or Facebook, you will need to “stitch” your video into “panoramic” format (2). In this tutorial, we will show you how to stitch your footage using Gear 360 ActionDirector on your PC.

Launch Gear 360 ActionDirector and select the “360 VR Video” editing mode.

Importing your 360° footage

First, drag-and-drop your video file from your Gear 360 into ActionDirector’s Media Room. Or you can simply import your file from the assigned file location on your PC by clicking on the button.

Next, ActionDirector will automatically begin stitching your 360° video (you can see a progress bar on your file’s thumbnail). When 100% has been reached your video has finished stitching into panoramic format, and is now ready for you to edit.

Previewing your 360° clips

You may also switch between Panoramic display modeand 360 display mode by clicking on this button located below the display.

When in 360 display mode, you can click and move your cursor in the preview window to view different angles of your 360° footage. Finally, to locate your stitched video file, right click on your file in the Media Room and select Open File Location. From here you can take your video file and work on it using advanced editing software, such as PowerDirector 15.

Now that you are ready to edit your video, next you can see how to use ActionDirector’s Story Board!

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