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How to Straighten Leaning Buildings in PhotoDirector

Often when we take photos of tall buildings they seem to fall away in the final photograph. This is a perspective problem known as keystoning. It is because when we are taking the photo standing on the ground and tilting the camera upwards, the lens is closer to the bottom of the building and far away from its top, and that is why the building looks like it’s leaning backwards in the photo.

There is a quick way to fix this problem in PhotoDirector and your photograph will look more professional. Here is an image of the Basilica Sacre Coeur in Paris.

In the Adjustment module, and under the lens correction, adjust keystone. I bring the vertical perspective to -45. If you photo needs to be adjusted horizontally, slide the horizontal perspective tool until you reach a preferred angle.

You’ll notice the Basilica looks straight now even though some part of the photo is cut off around the borders, but that doesn’t matter as long as the subject is focus.

As a side note, when you take photos of buildings, make sure you leave some space on the top and both sides of the building as it may be cut off when adjusting keystone.

Next, I use the crop tool to make my subject even bigger in the photo.

The final photo:

Here is the before and after photos:

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