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Efficient Workflow to Enhance Blue Skies

There are several tools in PhotoDirector to enhance blue skies in your landscape photos, and choosing the right tool will save you a lot of time. In this tutorial we will explore the most efficient tools for the differently composed shots.

A. A simplified landscape photo with a sky and foreground.

Notice that the only blue color in this image is in the sky, so there are two quick ways to enhance color of the sky:

  1. Using Gradient Mask

  2. Adjusting the hue

B. In this image, blue color is in the sky, however there is a house in the foreground, so the gradient mask will not be appropriate because it will also darken the house.

In this scenario, you can:

  1. Adjust the hue since blue is only in the sky

  2. Select the sky using the intelligent edge detection.

C. There are trees in the foreground and selecting the sky takes up too much time.

Because, the color blue is only in the sky, the easiest way is to adjust the hue.

D. Now if there is blue in the foreground which we do not want to alter.

The quick way is to apply a gradient mask to enhance the sky.

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