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Guided Tool - Content Aware Removal and Deblur

Have you ever wanted to remove unwanted objects or people from an image? This is what PhotoDirector’s Content Aware Removal tool is for. We will also show you how to fix a blurry and shaky image with the Deblur feature.

Content Aware Removal

1. Enter the Guided module.

2. Under Improve or Remove, select the Content Aware Removal tool.

3. Select the Manual brush, adjust the brush size to your preference.

4. Select the object you want to remove with the brush.

5. Click Apply. You can repeat the steps a few more times until the object is completely removed.

AI-Powered Deblur

Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Now you can fix your shaky image by using the Deblur tool to sharpen the detail of the photo.

1. In the Guided module under Improve or Remove, select the Deblur tool.

2. Click Apply.

3. You can adjust the strength of the deblur effect with the slider or enter a number value.

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