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Create Stunnung Panorama Photos from 360 Image with PhotoDirector

Creating panorama images has never been easier. In this tutorial we will show you how to use PhotoDirector 9’s 360° Photo Editor to create panorama images from 360° photos in just few steps. Import and select your 360° photo, then click Edit > 360° Photo Editor > 360°-to-Panorama.

In the 360° Photo Editor interface you choose how to project your 360° photo:

  1. Mercator is a moderate way to project your 360° photo. It will retain angle distortion, so the direction between different points on your photo remains realistic.
  2. Cylinder will project your photo as a cylinder. There will be larger vertical distortion near upper and lower edges.
  3. Equirectangular will replace distance distortion with angular distortion. The distance between any two points on your photo will remain realistic.

Try each projection mode until you are satisfied with the result.

You also can crop your photo by manually dragging the handles to adjust the cropped area.

You can also set the panorama’s field of view by dragging the control to the left or right.

When you’re happy with the result click Done. PhotoDirector will save your 360° photo as a new panorama photo.

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