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How to Turn Your 360 Photos into Little Planet Images with PhotoDirector

Little planet image are a very unique twist on 360° photography. In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn your 360° images into eye-catching little planet images using PhotoDirector 9’s new 360° Photo Editor.

First import your 360° image, and then go to the Edit > 360° Photo Editor > Little Planet.

Once you opened the Little Planet mode, there are some options to customize your little planet image.

  • Using Aspect Ratio you can change the aspect ratio between Landscape and Portrait or customize your own aspect ratio
  • Select a Planet View Mode to make either ground side or sky side to be your planet’s simulating starting point.
  • Rotate your image to capture the best angle.
  • Use Zoom – Focal point to adjust the distance to your images focal point; and use Move focal point to adjust the angle and position.
  • The Field Of View slider lets you zoom in/out to show more or less of the whole image.

Once you satisfied with your editing, click Done or Save as to export your stunning little planet photo.

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