Introduction to new PowerDirector 14

PowerDirector 14 has just been released. In this tutorial, we will give you a quick walkthrough of PowerDirector 14’s new features, including Action Camera Center, Motion Tracking, Express Projects, Screen Recording and the various new supported formats such as 2K/4K, HEVC, FLAC and 120/240p HFR video.

Here, let’s have a quick look at each feature:

Action Camera Center

The new Action Camera Center includes all frequently used features to edit and enhance action camera footage, such as fish-eye correction, color correction, stabilizer and extremely easy-to-use speed adjustment tools.

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  • Motion Tracking

    The new Motion Tracking Tool allows users to track multiple moving people or objects in footage, and add PiP (graphic or video), text and video effects that follow the motion tracking points.

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  • Express Project

    Express Projects are pre-configured timeline-based projects. Each project is broken down into beginning, middle, and end segments with preset effects, animation and music. Users can easily drag-and-drop clips onto the pre-configured objects on timeline, to create pro-looking videos instantly.

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  • Screen Recording

    If you are a tutorial maker, you will love our new Screen Recording feature! You can record high-resolution captures from full screen, the application you are running, or a specific area on your desktop, and add customized markers to represent mouse clicks. It also provides pretty handy voice recording tools to record from your microphone or your PC system.

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