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How to Make a Star Wars Acapella Video

The Annoying Orange video created by Dane Boe was one of the most viral YouTube videos of 2009. To date it has accumulated over 177 million views on YouTube, and Dane Boe has created a series of video based on the first viral hit.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your own Annoying Orange video using PowerDirector’s PiP Designer tool.

First, import your video and photo to PowerDirector, then drag the background image to Track 1 and the video of yourself to Track 2.

Hold your mouse on the right edge of the photo and drag to extend the length of background image.

We will use the “Mask” tool in PiP Designer to extract the eyes and mouth area from Track 2’s video. To enter the PiP Designer interface, double-click on the video in Track 2 and then select the Mask tab.

We will select the eyes and mouth area with the oval shape tool so that they can easily be blended into the background.

Resize and re-position the mask, and trim around one of your eyes. Click save when finished.

You will return to the timeline interface. Click on the eye object, resize and reposition it to the right-side of the orange in the background photo.

To make the eye blend into the background image we will need to adjust the color of the eye video. Click the video object on Track 2, select “Fix/ Enhance” to enter the Color Adjustment interface, and select “White Balance”.

Slide the Color Temperature slider towards yellow to blend the eye with the orange background.

To add the other eye and mouth we will need to create 2 more timeline tracks.

Follow the same procedures as above placing the other eye and mouth on Tracks 4 and 5.

If we wish to add eyes and a mouth to the guava we just need to add some extra timeline tracks, and follow the steps above using a new video clip.

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