Importing your 360° video from a Ricoh Theta S/Theta M15

To edit 360° videos shot by either a RICOH Theta S or a Theta M15, you will first need to stitch the dual-sphere video into “equirectangular” (flat mode) video first. This (below) is the original dual-sphere video footage shot from a Theta S, before flat mode.

Step 1: Download and Install RICOH Theta Application

Go to Ricoh’s website and download the basic application for RICOH Theta.

Step 2: Stitching footage using RICOH Theta application

First, launch the RICOH Theta application and drag and drop the original dual-sphere footage directly into the main interface. Then select the output “format” and “destination” of your video.

The RICOH Theta application will then begin the stitching process.

Step 3: Locating your stitched footage

Once the stitching process is complete, you will find the stitched file in the assigned folder from step 2, which (below) looks like this.

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