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Import and Produce 9:16 Vertical Videos

Vertical video is a common format when people recording video using smartphone in portrait mode, now more and more people are recording vertical video and upload to Facebook and YouTube. With PoweDirector 15, we’ve added the support of 9:16 vertical video – which works exactly as editing wide-screen video in PowerDirector, you can import vertical video, adding effects, titles and PiP objects – then produce to file or share directly to Facebook and YouTube.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to edit vertical video using PowerDirector 15.

Step 1. Import vertical 9:16 videos

Upon launching PowerDirector 15, you will see a new aspect ratio selection 9:16, choose it and enter Full Feature Editor.

Click “Import media files” to import a 9:16 video, you can also drag-and-drop the files directly to media room.

Step 2. Adding title to 9:16 video

Drag your footage to the timeline track 1.

Click the to enter Title Room.

Select a title you like, drag-and-drop the title object to timeline track 2 if you wish to overlay text object on your video.

To edit the text on title set, double-click the title object to enter the Title Designer. Here you can alter the text content, or apply additional effects such as font face, shadow and reflection.

Once done, click on OK to return to timeline.

Step 3. Adding PiP object to 9:16 video

Next, we will show you how to add a animated PiP object onto the video. Click on to enter PiP Room.

Select a PiP object you like, drag-and-drop the title object to timeline track 2 if you wish to overlay PiP object on your video. You can resize or re-position the PiP object on preview window at top-right side.

Here’s how it looks like!

Step 4. Exporting 9:16 Video

When everything is done, you can click on to export your video. With PowerDirector 15, we provide several options to export 9:16 videos – produce to file or publish online to Facebook and YouTube.

Export to files

PowerDirector 15 supports exporting 9:16 video to H.264/MP4 format. Select MP4 under H.264 tab, and set the resolution to 1080x1920/30p, which is the best output resolution supported in 9:16 mode – usually this is the original resolution when your smartphone recorded the video, which we highly recommend you produce your video file in this resolution.

Select the destination you want to store the produced file, click on Start to start producing video.

Export to Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo

If you wish to share your video directly to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, click on . Here you can choose the social platform you’d like to upload to. You can select the video title, description, privacy level for your video.

When producing video for social media, PowerDirector will also keep a local video file, you can select the export folder to the file destination you want.

Once it’s done, click on Start to start producing, if its your first time uploading using PowerDirector, there will be a pop-up menu to ask for your log-in info to each social platform.

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