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How to Make a Promotional Video?

How to create a promotional video?

Creating compelling promotional video ads with Promeo is easy for anyone, regardless of their video editing expertise. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to customize a variety of templates effortlessly:

Step 1: Click the "Template Filter" icon below the search bar to the left as pictured below to open the Template Filter options. From there, choose the "Video" template type, then select "Sale" and/or "Seasonal" category.

If you have a particular format or social platform in mind, simply select it and click "Apply" to confirm.

How to create a promotional video?

Step 2: Browse through available templates and select the one that suits your promotional video project. For a targeted search, utilize keywords in the search bar like "black friday" to quickly find your preferred templates.

How to create a promotional video?

Step 3: Swap out videos effortlessly by dragging and dropping them from your media library. Also, click on the text, overlay, or logo to make direct edits or upload your logo.

How to create a promotional video?

If you're short on time to create image or video materials, no worries. You can select from our vast collection of millions of premium stock videos, images, and background music tracks from Getty Images and Meta Sound Collection. Just head to the left panels to explore your options.

How to create a promotional video?

Step 4: Review all the editing options in the menu, and when happy with your edits, click the “Export & Share” button to produce your final promotional video!

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