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How To Create Instagram Ads

How to create instagram ads

Good Instagram marketing can truly improve your business, especially for the fashion and beauty industries. It’s also crucial for any other businesses that need to keep their feeds fresh and intriguing or for those businesses wishing to get in trend and attract attention. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to create an eye-catching Instagram ad to promote your business:

Step 1: Click on the "Template Filter" icon below the search bar. Select “Instagram” in the “Destination/Format” tab, and other options or categories that best fit your needs. When you are done with the selection, click on “Apply” to confirm.

Let’s create a fashion Instagram ad.

How to create instagram ads

Step 2: Choose the template that best matches your business objective.

You can see the search results of the selected category as well as the available format. You can click on your desired format to filter the templates, or click on "See All" to browse through all the available templates. For a more precise search, you can enter keywords in the search bar, such as "new arrivals" to quickly locate your desired templates.

How to create instagram ads

Choose a template that best suits your marketing project.

Step 3: Customize the template to best synchronize with your brand image and orient to your business goal.

Select the key image or video to replace it with the visuals of your product and brand. Click on the text box to edit the message directly. You can also upload your own icon to enhance brand awareness.

How to create instagram ads

If you need extra image or video materials, find them from our vast collection of premium stock videos, images, and background music tracks powered by Getty Images and Meta Sound Collection. Just head to the search bar on the left panel to explore your options.

How to create instagram ads

Step 4: When you’re satisfied with the result, click on “Export & Share” to produce your final Instagram ad. Post it now and become the next Instagram sensation!

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