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Everything You Know About Photo Slideshow is About to Change

Create 3D pictures slideshows with Media 3D

Just when you thought that there was nothing more you could do with your photo albums, CyberLink brings your photo viewing experience to a new dimension - literally, turning your photos into 3D pictures.  As the world’s first stereoscopic 3D photo slideshow creator, Media3D turns your existing 2D photos into stunning 3D photo slideshows. Brace yourself as you watch 3D pictures come to life. With Media3D you are no longer just looking at the photo slideshows – you are part of the slideshow.

Templates, templates, templates… We simply love them!

Media3D comes with more than just a 3D engine to create 3D pictures and 3D slideshows.  It includes a wide variety of 3D slideshow templates designed by professionals just for you.  In just 3 steps, transform your vacation photos into a 3D photo slideshow that will amaze your friends and relatives.

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Comprehensive Hardware Support

Media3D's wide range of 3D hardware support means you can enjoy stereoscopic 3D pictures and 3D photo slideshows on all leading 3D displays. From polarized displays to frame-sequential to even the latest HDMI 1.4-compliant 3DTVs, Media3D will have your 3D pictures display on them all. (see Requirements for more details)

Turn your plain old pictures into amazing 3D pictures and slideshows today.

  Amazing 3D slideshow on your home computer or TV