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MediaShow 6

Manage Your Photos & Videos Effortlessly and Express Yourself

For anyone with lots of photos and videos but little time, MediaShow is a game changer. The powerful yet simple software is designed to help you quickly and logically organize your media in multiple ways, apply simple fixes or enhance them with stylistic elements and create professional-looking slideshows and movies with just a few clicks. Advanced sharing tools let you share your creations to social communities or burn them to DVD or Blu-ray Discs for enjoying at home.

Organize & Retrieve

Taking photos and videos is so easy these days that most of us capture media faster than we can organize it. The result is that many of us are left with growing piles of unnamed, unclassified photos and videos. MediaShow helps you take back control and remove the hassle from organizing your photos and videos with easy sorting options by date, event or people. You’ll never have to spend hours searching for photos again.

Organize Your Photos and Videos in Calendar View NEW

Using the timecode stamped on your digital media, MediaShow automatically organizes your photos and videos into a calendar by the date it was shot.

Want to find those photos from last Halloween? Double click on the date and view all the photos and videos that were taken on that day!

MediaShow's face recognition technology helps you sort and tag your photos in minutes  

Instant View - Faster Folder Browsing NEW

MediaShow 6 features a new album content slider that lets you preview all the media in a folder—without having to open the folder so you can search for a particular video or photo in seconds.

You can even do smarter searches by selecting a photo in your settings to represent an album.. Got a photo that really captures the theme of the album? Set it as your album cover to make future searches for the set easier.

Tag All Your Friends with FaceMe

MediaShow's cutting-edge FaceMe™ Technology sifts through your photos to accurately identify faces with amazing precision, even if they’re slightly covered or out of focus. FaceMe™ can even identify people wearing sunglasses or shot at various angles.
MediaShow 5's face detection technology quickly identifies faces, even if a person is wearing glasses or taken from an angle


Instantly Find Photos with FaceMe

MediaShow makes it fast and easy to search for people using their name tag. With the advanced People Search icon, you can choose from your existing group of tagged friends.

It’s easy—just type in the person's name or click on the image of the person you’re looking for and MediaShow will locate every photo that the person appears in.

Tag It & Bag It!

Sorting your photos and videos into meaningful groups is easy with MediaShow's tagging function.

With just a right click, you can select a category for your shot from the 6 popular tag labels such as family, holiday, party and more, or create your own unique tag.

Organize Even 3D Photos & Videos NEW

MediaShow 6 now supports native files so you can import and sort through all your 3D photos and videos

Why pay for expensive 3D playback software when you can enjoy your media and do so much more with MediaShow?

Fix & Personalize

Who ever said that fixing and adding a personal touch to your photos and videos had to be a complex and expensive exercise? MediaShow helps you to make quick and effective adjustments to your media, and then put your own stamp on them with a set of easy-to-use creativity tools. Fast and affordable!

Fix Your Photos in a Snap!

MediaShow 6 provides a quick and easy way to fix photos. And now, all the great fixes you can do with 2D photos, you can now do with 3D ones, too!

  • Remove red eyes with one click
  • Fix brightness, white balance, contrast and lighting
  • Add stylized enhancements with a choice of picture effects
  • Crop to predefined ratios or manually set your size
  • Straighten photos with a quick drag of the slider
  • Apply corrections or effects to a group of photos with batch editing
MediaShow also includes easy-to-use sliders for manually adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpness. Convenient one-click features include rotating, displaying in a slideshow, or adding to your favorites.



Quick Fixes for Videos, Too!

Even if you don’t get the ideal footage every time, you can edit your videos to perfection with tons of easy, one-click tools from MediaShow.

Edit and refine 3D videos! NEW

  • Remove visual noise from grainy videos
  • Get rid of the shakiness in videos from hand-held shots
  • Automatically adjust brightness, contrast and saturation for dimly lit shots
  • Remove distracting background noise from your recorded audio
The new Edit Log keeps track of the changes you have made so you can compare changes with the original version. Reset your video to its original condition at any time or apply all the modifications you've made to a batch of other videos.

Stylish Slideshows for Photos & Videos

MediaShow offers more memorable ways to share your photos with powerful yet easy-to-use tools that can help you create and customize dazzling slideshows. You can now combine videos with your photo slideshows and add a selection of stylized designs, transitions and text effects that really make your creations pop.

Don’t forget the finishing touches on your creation by adding the background music of your choice.


Magical Movies in Just Minutes

Why take up time editing videos when you can create the movies you want with just a few clicks? MediaShow offers 7 different styles to apply to your video footage to create amazing movies in just minutes.
Each style uses a unique editing method and range of effects and transitions to create the specific theme.

And just like for slideshows, you can add your choice of background music once you're done.

Share & Enjoy

As social beings, the best part of enjoying media is sharing them with friends and family. And because sharing should never be hard, MediaShow offers a fully integrated sharing experience that means that you can send your photos and videos where they need to go straight from your MediaShow display.

All Your Facebook Friends' Photos & Videos in One Place! NEW

It’s like having a party with your all your friends! The new Facebook tab in the Media Library lets you see photo albums from all your Facebook friends in one place. No more clicking on friend profiles and waiting for pages to load--now all your friends’ photos are a single click away.

Plus, if you want to save some Facebook photos to your PC, MediaShow lets you download them in a batch to save time.


Sharing on YouTube, Flickr. Fun and Fast!

MediaShow lets you upload videos and photos to YouTube and FlickrMediaShow provides a quick-and-easy way to share your photos and videos with your online contacts. In just a few easy steps you can upload media to your Flickr and YouTube accounts.

Burn Your Photos & Videos to Disc

MediaShow will have you creating professional-looking DVD, Blu-ray NEW and AVCHD NEW discs in minutes. Simply select your video files, choose a name for you disc, add a menu and burn. You can even add photos to your disc.

The built-in disc menu library offers a wide selection of animated menu styles to choose from, plus you have access to thousands of free downloadable menus at

CyberLink's DirectorZone is the world's largest video creator online community for interacting, sharing and getting inspired by users of PowerDirector, PowerProducer, YouCam and MediaShow.


Many Ways to Share Your 3D Photos & Videos! NEW

MediaShow's new 3D support features let you take your 3D footage, enhance it, then show it off to everybody. Share it online or burn it to DVD or Blu-ray Disc for others to enjoy!

  • Upload it to YouTube in 3D
  • Produce a 3D movie
  • Burn it to 3D DVD or Blu-ray Disc

Hassle-free Video Transfer to Portable Devices

MediaShow offers an extremely convenient way to prepare your videos for watching on-the-go. Quickly convert all kinds of video files into formats designed to play back on your iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, and Xbox, as well as output files into the best format for a whole host of Android and other smart devices.



Instant Updates from Dropbox NEW

You can now set MediaShow to monitor folders located on free online storage repositories like Dropbox.

MediaShow will automatically update as new photos or videos are placed into the online storage site. Just open MediaShow to check if anyone's dropped off some new media for you!

Super quick and easy and no need to navigate confusing websites.

Photo Printing

Send your photos to a printer or order prints online using Shutterfly, or FujiFilm (available to customers in the US only). With Shutterfly's service you can get your MediaShow photos delivered directly to friends and family or picked up at Target stores.