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Get started making great stories, fast!


MediaStory is designed to make it easier for you to tell better stories with your photos and videos. Take a look below at a common storytelling scenario and see how quickly and simply you can create and share memorable, pro-like videos.

Personalized vacation story for friends

You and a group of friends have just been on a trip to Texas and now you want to put together a personalized video for each person, to give them something to remember it by.

Step 1 — Select your category

After importing all your media from cameras, phones, etc. to MediaStory, click on the “Place” tab in the media library, select “City” on the “Country—City—Points of Interest” slider near the top right, and then select the group of photos labeled “Texas”.

Step 2 — Filter your media

You can filter your photos from Texas by day, time and who’s in them. To select photos from a specific day, deselect all other dates. To make a personalized video just for Bruce, select only Bruce’s name in the “Who” filter. Click “Next”.

Step 3 — Choose your template

Now you can select a Magic Style template and set the duration of your video. A preview will play in the screen to the right.  

Step 4 — Select your music

Click on “Edit your background music” to select a soundtrack for your story from any of the audio files on your local drive.

Step 5 — Save and share

When you’re done, you can either produce your story in either MP4 or WMV format, or share it directly to YouTube or Facebook for everyone to enjoy.