PowerProducer 6 

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Ultra SAVE 20% Blu-ray, DVD and AVCHD support, plus professional menu templates!


The Easiest Way to Create Hollywood-Style Movie Discs

PowerProducer is all you need to turn your photos and videos into Hollywood Blu-ray and DVD discs. It comes with complete disc authoring tools, supports the latest media formats and renders videos fast like no others. It is the essential disc creation software for your Windows PC.


PowerProducer also comes with professionally designed HD menu templates and disc label and cover design plus printing software.

All You Need to Create
Movie Discs

Turn your home videos and photos into Hollywood-style movie discs with professional-looking menus!
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Essential Disc Authoring
Tool for Windows

PowerProducer 6 is Windows 10 compatible so it’s easy to burn your media to DVDs & Blu-ray discs and watch on your TV.
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Edit Your Videos &
Enhance Your Photos

Trim video clips to capture just the best moments. Edit & enhance your photos with easy-to-use built-in photo editing!
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Produce in Blazing

Produce your video projects in blazing speed with optimization for the newest hardware acceleration technologies.
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All You Need to Create Movie Discs

Easily create stunning Blu-ray and DVD movie discs with PowerProducer's complete authoring tool. Give your creations a professional look with Hollywood-style menus. Watch discs on your TV or PC.

Create Hollywood-style Movie Discs NEW

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

PowerProducer features complete tools to author video discs. Customize interactive menus to match the theme of your media content. PowerProducer also comes with guided steps. Achieve Hollywood productions even for novice users.


PowerProducer comes with 14 brand-new animated menu templates designed in HD resolution. It lets you present your video production with high quality visuals on large screens.

Customize Your Menu Design

Create pro results with a cool choice of menu templates including your own video or photo backgrounds, and animated thumbnail buttons. Alpha-blended menus offer extra style and detail. For even more professional results:

  • Insert First Play Video; opening credits, a copyright notice, or a short video you've made yourself.
  • Add background audio to your menu templates, such as a music track or dialog you've recorded, adjustable length with fade in and out effects.
  • Include text titles that can be customized with font type, color, size, alignment that best suit your menu design and video content.
Full HD, Animated Menus

PowerProducer comes with 14 new professionally designed menus, optimized for HD resolution to give you the best viewing on large displays. Also included 3D-like animated menus to amaze your audience.

Explore More Free Menus

Discover a growing number of free disc menus designed and shared by CyberLink users around the world on Directorzone.com.

Create Stunning Movie Discs in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Select Your Disc Type

Choose from DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD, AVCREC or VCD disc formats to start your creation.

Step 2: Import Your Media

Import your video and photo files, including MKV, FLV and RAW photos. Trim your videos or enhance your photos with easy-to-use editing features.

Step 3: Choose a Template

Choose from professional menu templates to make your creation looking great! Need more templates? Download more for FREE from DirectorZone.com.

Step 4: Burn & Share!

When your creation is ready, burn to disc to share with your friends. Render video at blazing speed with support for the latest hardware acceleration.
Import All Types of Media - Including 3D Videos & Photos, MKV, FLV and RAW Photos NEW

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

PowerProducer 6 lets you work with media files in a huge range of formats. Import files from your hard drive or grab scenes from existing discs to breathe fresh life to older clips by including them in new projects.


Whether you want to import MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or MOV videos from your camcorder, MKV or FLV videos you just downloaded, or RAW photos from your DSLR, bring them all to PowerProducer for your movie disc projects. You can also add video in the most common 3D media formats and create 3D DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs in side-by-side format to play on your 3D TV!

Supported Input Formats

AVI/ 3GPP (3g2, 3gp)/ VOB / FLV/ MOD/ MKV/ MPEG/ MPEG-2 Transport Stream(m2t, m2ts, mts, tod, tpd)/ MPEG-2 TV Recorded (trp, ts)/ MPEG-4 AVC (MOV)/ MPEG-4 Video (MP4)/ Video CD (DAT)/  VRO/ ASF/WMV/ Windows Media Center Recorded (dvr-ms, WTV)


BMP/ GIF / JPEG (jpeg, jpg)/ MPO/ JPS/ PNG / TIFF (tif, tiff)

RAW Photos

Adobe (dng) / Canon (cr2, crw)/ Epson (erf)/ Fujifilm (raf)/ Kodak (dcr, kdc)/ Konica Minolta (mrw)/ Mamiya (mef)/ Nikon (nef)/ Olympus (orf)/ Panasonic (raw; rw2)/ Pentax (pef)/ Sigma (x3f)/ Sony (arw, sr2, srf)

3D formats

Videos: MVC, MKV. MPEG-4 (side-by-side format)/ (from Fujifilm camera),

Photos: MPO/ JPS



Create the Most Popular Types of Movie Discs – Blu-ray, DVD & AVCHD and 3D discs

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

PowerProducer 6 supports the most popular discs types. Author your own high-definition Blu-ray discs, dazzling DVDs and VCDs. Or create high-def AVCHD or AVCREC discs to enjoy on your PlayStation 3 or Blu-ray player.


Want to watch 3D photos and video on your 3D TV? PowerProducer makes it easy to create stunning 3D movie discs!  Add video in the most common 3D media formats and create 3D DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs in side-by-side format to play on your 3D TV!


PowerProducer also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to maintain the full sound quality of your recordings and create discs that are compatible with your Dolby Digital playback devices.

Supported Disc Formats Disc Types That You Can Burn To
BDMV in Side-by-Side 3D format NEW BD-RE, BD-RE (BDXL), BD-R, BD-R (BDXL)
DVD-video and AVCDH in Side-by-Side 3D format NEW DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+R DL
Burn Directly to Disc with Right-to-Disc™

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

No time to edit a disc? Record video directly to disc - without the wait - using powerful Right-to-Disc™ technology. Burn directly to disc as you play back video from high-definition or standard-definition cameras, VCRs, camcorders or webcams.


Preserve Your Memories - from VHS Tapes to DVD Discs

Time to transfer your old videos or TV shows recorded on VHS tape to DVD? Using a video capture card (purchased separately) and Right-to-Disc™ burning, record your VHS tapes in real-time from your VHS player directly to DVD.

Optimize Disc Space with On-Disc-Editing

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

On-disc-editing allows you to add new video and slideshows to discs you’ve already burned, as well as edit and add/remove playlists on your BD-RE, DVD+VR, and DVD-VR discs .Optimize your disc space to their maximum capacity


Append Disc Burning - DVD-VR Disc Format Support

With the support of DVD-VR format, you can add new videos to a disc even after it has been burned. With this feature, you do not need to write all your videos at once to use all your DVD disc space when backing up your videos!

Create Slideshow Discs from Your Digital Photos

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

PowerProducer 6 brings your photos to life with HD quality slideshows.  Import digital photos from any camera and even use RAW photos from leading camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and many more.


Include multiple photo slideshows, automatically add pan and zoom and easily set the duration of each photo or an entire slideshow.  Add your favorite music and choose from 100+ transition effects.


Include a copy of your original photos on your movie disc as an easy backup!

Print Your Own Disc Cover with LabelPrint NEW

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

LabelPrint is label-making software included in PowerProducer 6 that lets you design and print stylish disc labels and covers in just 4 easy steps.


Simply select your template, edit the disc information and choose a layout and background image. It’s that easy to add eye-catching style to your discs!


Download more disc designs FREE from DirectorZone.com

Play Discs Anywhere
YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & EnhancePowerProducer 6 ensures that the discs you produce will play great on PCs and home disc players. Enjoy your videos wherever you want.

With broad disc format support, create Blu-ray, DVD, VCD, AVCHD or AVCREC discs for playback on virtually any home video device with an optical drive.

Essential Disc Authoring Tool for Windows

If you have a new Windows 10 PC and want to create Blu-ray and DVD movie discs of your home videos and photos, PowerProducer 6 is just what you need. PowerProducer 6 is Windows 10 compatible and works perfectly on your Windows PC to allow you to author Blu-ray and DVD discs quickly and easily.

Windows 10 Compatible

PowerProducer 6 is fully compatible with the latest Windows OS from Microsoft and works perfectly with new PCs. The icon-based user interface provides a smooth touch experience.

Create Blu-ray & DVD on Windows PC

PowerProducer 6 lets you do more with your Windows 10 PC with valuable new features for making movie and slideshow discs.

Why Choose PowerProducer 6 for Your Windows PC?
  Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 7/8/10
+ PowerProducer 6 Ultra
Author Blu-ray Movie Discs - - - yes
Author DVD Movie Discs yes - - yes
Author AVCHD & AVCREC Discs - - - yes
Import MKV and FLV files to Create Movie Discs - - - yes
Add Stylish Menus to Your Movie Disc Creations - - - yes
Download Unlimited Menu Templates for Your Movie Discs - - - yes
Print Disc Labels & Covers for Your Discs - - - yes
Create HD Quality Photo Slideshows with RAW Photos - - - yes

Edit Your Videos & Enhance Your Photos

PowerProducer 6 supports popular video, photo and music formats, including the new MKV, FLV and RAW photo formats. Plus you get easy-to-use photo and video editing tools to help make your content look its best.

Make Quick Video Edits with Trim and Cut Tools

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

In addition to easy-to-use DVD authoring and burning, PowerProducer 6 includes easy video editing tools. Cut, trim, and merge clips to create wonderful stories from your video content!

  • AB Cut goes beyond simple trimming to let you cut an unwanted part from the middle of a clip.
  • Merge lets you combine multiple clips into a single video for smooth, continuous play.
  • Split lets you cut a longer video clip into two or more smaller clips for further editing.

Edit & Enhance Your Digital Photos with PhotoNow!

The included PhotoNow! app gives you an easy way to edit and enhance photos with automatic tools and easy adjustments.


Click the "photo editing" button when editing a slideshow to launch PhotoNow! and find tools to fix photos, remove red-eye, crop and resize and apply stylish photo effects!

YouCam Mobile - Fast & Fun Camera App. Shoot, Browse, Edit Photos & Enhance

Produce in Blazing Speed

PowerProducer 6 lets you take full advantage of multi-processing CPU and GPU technologies to work with video faster. Optimization for the latest hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD means speedier rendering of HD video content, which saves you time when authoring your videos to DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Optimized for Intel Core Technology

PowerProducer's optimization for Intel Core™ technology delivers higher performance and better energy efficiency while harnessing the full power of the CPU during processing of HD video.

Optimized for nVidia GeForce

NVIDIA GeForce technology allows PowerProducer to encode H.264 HD video significantly faster by leveraging the power of the GPU.

Intel Quick Sync Video Technology

With Intel Quick Sync Video technology, render and convert videos with blazing speed, while enabling the processor to complete other tasks, improving overall PC performance.

Optimized for AMD VISION & Radeon

PowerProducer ensures faster video transcoding for high-definition content by leveraging AMD VISION APU technology and Radeon graphic cards to accelerate the conversion of standard and HD video content.

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