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CyberLink MVP Program

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Q: What is the CyberLink MVP Program?
The CyberLink MVP Program gives credit to exceptional individuals who are skilled with CyberLink products and posses strong social influence to community of CyberLink product users around the world. The project is aimed at building direct communication with CyberLink MVP and empowering them with the latest updates from CyberLink to serve their respective communities.
  • Q: What are the benefits of CyberLink MVP?
As CyberLink MVP, you will receive:
  • Status recognition as CyberLink MVP ( will be given badges, MVP status and exclusive MVP showcase)
  • Invitations to attend exclusive CyberLink events such as tradeshows, media events and user gatherings.
  • Invitations to attend CyberLink MVP webinars.
  • Early access to new CyberLink products.
  • First-hand information about latest development with CyberLink.
  • Privilege to directly contact CyberLink staff through a special hotline or email.
  • Sponsorships for photo or video editing related events.
  • Q: What are the ideal qualifications of CyberLink MVP?
An ideal CyberLink MVP has the following qualifications:
  • Knowledgeable and expert in operating at least one of CyberLink products such as PowerDirector and PhotoDirector.
  • Willing to share CyberLink product expertise and news to social networking sites, blogs and forums.
  • Active users on DirectorZone.com to share their experience of media creativity and digital entertainment.
  • Actively participates in various online and face-to-face activities organized by CyberLink.
  • Displays leadership and influence in voluntarily supporting and sharing his knowledge of CyberLink products and technologies.
  • Q: How can CyberLink MVP help the Cyberlink product user communities?
MVPs are encouraged offer information and insights to fully educate the CyberLink products users around the world by:
  • Actively supporting CyberLink in public forums and social media platforms and
  • Contributing content to DirectorZone.com, CyberLink YouTube Channel and CyberLink Facebook Fans Page.


MVPs are also welcome to directly provide CyberLink with feedback and relevant information gathered from the field including comments and suggestions about our product and services.

  • Q: Does he/she has to be familiar with all CyberLink products in order to be a CyberLink MVP?
No. The one can be a CyberLink MVP as long as he/she is knowledgeable and has an expert operating familiarity with at least one of CyberLink products - PowerDirector, PhotoDirector and PowerDVD.
  • Q: Is CyberLink MVP a permanent title? Does it with compensation?
No. CyberLink will conduct a yearly review of CyberLink MVP based on their performance in the previous year. CyberLink will renew the certificates every year. And this title is without salary or any other compensation, it’s an honorary title.

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