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BD Zone – All you need to know of Advanced Blu-ray Disc Features

CyberLink BD Advisor tests for support of advanced Blu-ray Disc features
Many Blu-ray Discs now offer what is called "BonusView" content, such as commentaries from cast and crew, extra audio features, and other bonus material. These features are delivered using technologies defined under Profiles 1.1 and 2.0 of the Blu-ray Disc specifications.
CyberLink BD Advisor test for BonusView content

PowerDVD and Advanced Blu-ray Disc Features

CyberLink BD Advisor tests for support of BD-Live featuresPowerDVD offers a seemless experience for accessing BonusView features on your PC. What's more, certification for support of BD-Live content ensures that you can handle Internet-connected Blu-ray Disc activities, such as multiplayer gaming, e-commerce, the downloading of movie trailers and subtitles, as well as social networking.

PowerDVD Supports the Latest HD Graphics Cards

The playing of multiple streams of video content requires powerful processing technology.

Today, many graphics cards can handle the decoding of two streams of video content at the same time. CyberLink has been working with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, to ensure PowerDVD's compatibility with these latest graphics cards.

PowerDVD leverages the full power of your graphics hardware to achieve better results for resource-intensive features like Picture-in-Picture content. The result is superb playback quality for high-definition video and advanced Blu-ray Disc features, and a reduced loading on your PC's own system resources.

PowerDVD's support for advanced Blu-ray Disc content turns your PC into an entertainment system even more powerful than a home Blu-ray Disc player. But is your PC ready? Download the Blu-ray Advisor to find out right away.

CyberLink Blu-ray Advisor

Advanced Blu-ray Disc features, such as Picture-in-Picture content, place a heavy demand on your PC resources. CyberLink Blu-ray Advisor tests that your system hardware and software are able to deliver the kind of experience you expect to get. After anaylzing your system, Blu-ray Advisor provides helpful upgrade suggestions as needed, to ensure that you get the most from your Blu-ray Discs.

Testing for Basic Blu-ray Disc features

Basic features include your high-definition movie and navigation controls. They are defined by the BD specifications Profile 1.0. Blu-ray Advisor tests that your system is able to support these features and provides recommendations for upgrading your PC to make sure that you do.

Blu-ray Advisor analyzes your:

  • Processor
  • Operating System
  • Drives
  • Driver software
  • Memory
  • Video connection
  • Video player software