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CyberLink Touch Solutions

Touch technology offers users a more personal way to interact with their multimedia software.

CyberLink Touch Solutions deliver cutting-edge gesture technologies for pressure-based and optical touch platforms, providing a more personal and intuitive interactive experience on the PC.

CyberLink Touch Solutions can be customized to meet the needs of OEMs' proprietary hardware specifications and any operating system.

Latest Touch Applications

CyberLink offers a range of applications designed to make the most of the latest touch hardware and the multi-touch features supported by Windows 7 - introducing Cyberlink's Touch Pack:

  • CyberLink YouPaint - is a fun-packed application for painting on the PC. YouPaint’s welcoming interface is optimized for touch platforms and pen tablets, allowing realistic painting by hand and pen.
  • CyberLink YouMemo - is an extremely intuitive way to write notes and reminders in a fun and easy environment. Quick taps and easy pinch gestures provide full control over a broad range of writing and design tools that let you customize the look and feel of each memo.
  • CyberLink YouCam - is fun software for live video chats. YouCam's new interface supports multi-touch interaction, enabling video chats with easy hand gestures.

Touch Optimization Technology

CyberLink Touch Optimization technology, found in our digital home entertainment software, is a customized set of solutions for improving the touch experience of touch-enabled PCs. CyberLink can define, develop and customize touch applications on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the touch-enhanced Windows 7 OS based on specific OEM requirements.

Working closely with various OEM partners, CyberLink is able to develop touch solutions according to the distinctive requirements of each touch application. Here are some of the applications our partners have launched in the market:

  • HP TouchSmart - CyberLink developed the photo, music, and video touch-enabled modules for HP TouchSmart PCs running on Windows Vista.
  • ASUS Eee Top - CyberLink's customized digital TV software, PowerCinema, and webcam software, YouCam, as designed for touch-enabled ASUS Eee Top PCs running on Windows XP. Watch the Eee Top Presentation: PowerCinema starts from 3:06, and the Shiny Review: PowerCinema starts from 1:20 and Youcam from 3:10.
  • Acer TouchPortal - Bundled with Acer's Aspire touch devices, the CyberLink-developed TouchPortal is the access point for a contemporary suite of useful applications that make use of the intuitive, fun touch experience.

Additionally, many leading manufacturers such as Dell, Medion, MSI, and Sony have chosen to bundle applications from CyberLink's Touch Pack with their latest touch-enabled device offerings.

Also, a showcase of PowerCinema Touch on Windows 7 at the WinHEC conference included CyberLink’s natural responsiveness and error correction technology.  

Advanced Gesture Technology

CyberLink can define touch gestures on current hardware and operating systems as either single (one finger) or multi-touch (2 or more fingers).

CyberLink has implemented advanced gesture technology and touch-enabled UI designs on a range of products including PowerDVD Blu-ray/DVD playback software, PowerCinema, YouPaint interactive PC painting software, YouMemo and YouCam a fun webcam application, enabling highly intuitive navigation of multimedia applications. In addition to supporting standard gestures provided by Windows 7, CyberLink has the capabilities to develop customized gestures based on OEMs' requests such as launching an application with a defined gesture.

Supported gestures with single or multi-touch applications include rotate, rollover, zoom in/out, pan, drag and drop, and two-finger tap.

CyberLink Digital Home Entertainment Touch Solutions – Single and Multi-Touch Applications
Drag & Drop
Zoom In/Out

CyberLink's touch-optimized solutions include an error filter for minimizing touch related issues including blind spots on the optical touch platform. This ensures precise and responsive interaction.

CyberLink Digital Home Entertainment Touch Solutions – Launch Applications with a Gesture

CyberLink's latest touch optimizations include:

  • Error handling filter for precise touch interaction
  • Better responsiveness between the application and the touch interaction
  • Natural animation effects between the content and touch interaction
  • Flexible horizontal and vertical content navigation
  • Natural gesture improvements from double-clicking to single-click actions