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CyberLink TV Solutions

CyberLink Digital TV Software SolutionsCyberLink offers innovative digital home entertainment solutions allowing users to enjoy TV on their desktop PCs, notebook and mobile devices. CyberLink TV Solution supports a full range of TV standards including free-to-air, PayTV and Open Internet TV, all with rich enhancement features including digital video recording (DVR) functions, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) scheduling and Time-Shifting.

Digital TV Solutions

  • TV-on-the-PC Solution - CyberLink TVEnhance enables viewing of secure premium TV content on the PC while CyberLink SoftDMA allows the user to stream TV anywhere within the home network.
  • TV Place-shifting Solution - CyberLink Live enables remote access of live TV from any web-enabled device outside the home.
  • Portable TV Solution - CyberLink Mobile TV solution enables access to premium TV programs on notebooks and handheld devices.

CyberLink TV and PVR FeaturesTV and PVR Features

CyberLink TV Solution expands the functionality of media center PCs by providing advanced TV recording and playback features. Broad compatibility with digital TV standards, and support of multiple TV tuner cards, enables the playback of multiple channels of satellite, terrestrial cable, and analog TV services.


  • Time-Shifting allows users to play, stop, fast-forward and rewind live TV programs
  • Scheduled recording via Electronic Program Guide (EPG) turns the PC into a PVR
  • Dual signal support enables recording of one TV channel while viewing another
  • Multiple audio streams and subtitles (DVB-T and DVB-S) support offers quick switching between language audio tracks
  • TV source switching lets users switch between multiple sources of digital and analog TV or AV video content such as satellite TV, cable TV, a VCR, or camcorder
  • Auto channel scanning searches for available stations based on a user's location or country
  • Fast channel switching lets user navigate between channels without long latency
  • Recorded TV sorting enables easy location of recorded TV files by providing options for sorting: by file name, date, channel or category
TV standards support: TV content support:
  • Digital: DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S2
  • Analog: NTSC, PAL and SECAM
  • ATSC
  • Video: MPEG2, H.264
  • Audio: MPEG Audio, AC3, AAC

TVEnhance: TV-on-the-PC Solution

TVEnhance – TV on the PCCyberLink's TVEnhance, integrates seamlessly with CyberLink PowerCinema, digital home entertainment software, and Windows Media Center. TVEnhance enables viewing and recording of secure premium TV content on the PC, providing consumers with a platform for subscribing to premium TV services including Satellite, Terrestrial, and Cable.

TVEnhance supports live reception of broadcast channels, recording and playback of digital HDTV programs, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Time-Shifting preview, and parental controls.

Broadband TV

SoftDMA: TV-on-the-PC Within the Home

SoftDMA TV on the PC within the HomeCyberLink allows users to stream premium TV content to anywhere within the home network. CyberLink's SoftDMA is a software-based DLNA media player allowing access to TV content from a UPnP media server such as CyberLink's Media Server.

Together with TVEnhance and SoftDMA, CyberLink offers a complete, end-to-end platform for viewing digital TV programs in high definition anywhere across the DLNA/UPnP network.

CyberLink Live: Live TV Place-shifting Solution

CyberLink Live TV Placeshifting SolutionCyberLink Live allow users a private and secure method of remote access to TV programs by place-shifting them from their home PCs.

With a TV tuner card installed on the home PC, users can enjoy live or recorded TV with time-shift playback directly from any web-enabled device outside the home.


TV on the GO

Portable TV Solution

CyberLink's Portable TV SolutionsCyberLink digital TV software solutions provide support for a growing range of popular mobile TV standards and operating systems. CyberLink´s "standard agnostic" mobile TV player provides automatic switching between DVB-H, DVB-IP and T-DMB standards, enabling a hassle-free solution for TV users who move between countries.

Support for conditional access and digital rights management gives users a wider selection of accessible TV content via pay-TV subscription services.