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CyberLink TrueTheater Technology

CyberLink’s TrueTheater™ Technology is a suite of advanced video and audio technologies that upgrades the total media experience on the PC. Implementation within CyberLink’s movie playback and video creation applications provides a range of features that allow consumers to customize their creative projects or entertainment experience.

Upgrade All Media with CyberLink TrueTheater Technology:

  • TrueTheater™ 3D - Converts 2D video files and DVDs into a 3D experience.
  • TrueTheater™ HD - Upscales standard-definition content to high-definition quality
  • TrueTheater™ Motion - Up-converts the frame rate of video content to make action sequences appear smoother.
  • TrueTheater™ Stretch - Formats content to fit 16:9 widescreen display regardless of the original source's screen ratio.
  • TrueTheater™ Lighting - Enhances image details, naturalizes colors and automatically adjusts chroma and luminance.
  • TrueTheater™ Surround - Expands audio output to mimic surround sound on home theater systems for 2-channel content, and on conventional stereo speakers or headphones for multi-channel DVDs, videos and music files.

TrueTheater™ 3D - Experience Movies in Greater Depth

CyberLink TrueTheater HD provides picture-perfect quality via resolution upscalingTrueTheater 3D converts 2D content into 3D, offering a whole new viewing experience for movie content such as DVD movies and video files.

TrueTheater 3D is compatible with a full range of 3D hardware, including 3D ready HD-TVs, 120 MHz time-sequential 3D LCDs and micro-polarizer LCD 3D monitors. The depth of the 3D experience can be optimized with easy slider controls to get the best results from the available 3D hardware.

TrueTheater™ HD - Relive DVDs in High-Definition!

CyberLink TrueTheater HD provides picture-perfect quality via resolution upscalingTrueTheater HD gives standard definition DVD images the look and feel of true high-definition via resolution upscaling from 480 pixels to 1080 pixels, eliminating jagged edges and distracting video artifacts during playback of standard content on high-resolution displays.

TrueTheater HD is the ideal solution for watching standard DVD movies with low resolution content in full-screen sizes on large displays using PowerDVD, Blu-ray/DVD playback software.

TrueTheater™ Motion - Enjoy Smoother Video Playback

TrueTheater Motion up-converts the frame-rate of video to 72 frames per second (fps) for smoother-looking video playback and fluid, graceful action sequences.

CyberLink TrueTheater Motion delivers the smoothest video playback

TrueTheater™ Lighting - Bring Each Scene to Life!

CyberLink TrueTheater Lighting presents brilliant colors and improve image detail to every sceneTrueTheater Lighting intelligently adapts video colors, contrast and brightness across movie scenes to deliver superb colors and improve image detail for an enhanced viewing experience. In addition to automatic and manual settings, a choice of pre-set color profiles is included to make adjustments even easier, allowing users to enjoy their DVD movies in all their beauty.

TrueTheater™ Stretch - Watch Movies in Full View!

TrueTheater Stretch employs a non-linear stretching technique that automatically adjusts the viewing ratio of the displayed video to match the output display, with minimal distortion. Users can watch any standard-format DVD movie with the aspect ratio optimally suited to the display device, delivering natural looking results regardless of the content's original aspect ratio support.