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CLEV-2 Tutorial

Intensely Vivid Images for PowerDVD 8

Based on an entirely new algorithm developed by CyberLink, the second generation of CyberLink's world-renowned video enhancing technology, CyberLink EagleVision, makes images brighter and colors more natural.

CLEV-2 intelligently adjusts a scene's chroma and luminance to enhance image detail. By adapting across movie scenes to deliver superb colors and improved detail CLEV-2 ensures the best possible results for LCD and CRT monitors. CLEV-2 augments a user’s viewing experience and is especially suited for playback of overly dark or bright DVD movies.

How to Activate CyberLink EagleVision II (CLEV-2)

Activating CyberLink EagleVision is quick and easy:

  1. Click on the Configuration button on the PowerDVD interface.
  2. Click on the Video tab.
  3. Under Video Enhancement, click on the CLEV radio button.
  4. Select Full or Split modes from the pull-down menu.
  5. Click OK.

Note: Activating the Full option applies EagleVision to the entire screen. The Split option lets users assess the effects of EagleVision on the current movie, making it easier to decide whether or not to activate the technology.

Suggested Computer Requirements

CLEV-2 is a sophisticated video processing technology designed to utilize the performance attributes of today’s most powerful processors. Computers featuring Intel Pentium-M, Intel Pentium 4, and AMD Athlon processors at 2 GHz and higher, are recommended for optimizing the results of CLEV-2. This is especially the case if multiple audio and video technologies are enabled at the same time.