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Saving precious time with fast results.

Smart Fit

Smart Fit is a CyberLink technology designed to make burning DVDs easy, eliminating the need for users to understand video quality profiles nor calculate the disc space remaining.

In addition to standard video profile options—High Quality (HQ), Standard Play (SP), Long Play (LP), or Extended Play (EP)—Smart Fit provides a faster alternative for creating video backups, streamlining the process by eliminating the time and difficulty in estimating if a video will fit on your DVD.

Smart Fit analyzes the storage capacity of a blank disc and sets an appropriate bit rate to ensure maximum use of the disc space. Smart Fit then compresses the video and automatically delivers the highest possible video quality for the available space.

Now users have a fifth option in selecting video quality when burning to DVD—simply let Smart Fit do all the work automatically.


With CyberLink’s Right-to-Disc technology users can transfer DV camcorder videos to a DVD disc in one easy step. In fact, this extremely efficient process ensures videos can be burnt onto a DVD with optional movie menus, without even having to first transfer the content to a computer hard drive. Thus, not only do users save a lot of computer processing time, they can save precious hard disk space too.

Right-to-Disc facilitates the burning of video content from a range of devices, including DV camcorders, TVs, web cameras, and VCRs. In the simplest scenario, users can burn their video content onto a DVD, then immediately watch the movie on a DVD player, or simply have it stored for future use. What’s more, users maintain the option of editing video content and customizing their DVD after completing the burning process.

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