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5 Best Free Hairstyle Apps in 2024

Last Updated on May. 24, 2024 – by CyberLink
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In an age where personal style is a canvas for self-expression, the quest for the perfect hairstyle is a journey many embark upon. The good news is that we no longer need to rely solely on imagination or the courage to take scissors to our locks.

Thanks to the proliferation of haircut try on apps, trying out new looks has never been easier. This article will show you the top 5 hair style try-on apps. It will also explain how to try on haircuts with Vivid AI, which many consider the best one.

What is an AI Haircut Try On App?

An AI free hairstyle app is a digital tool, which uses artificial intelligence to show different hairstyles on a user's photo or live camera feed.

Users can upload a picture and choose from different hairstyles. The app to try haircuts will then use AI technology to place and adjust the selected styles on the user's face. This allows individuals to preview and experiment with different hair looks before making a physical change.

5 Best Hairstyle Try On Apps

Here are the top five recommended hairstyle try-on apps, and we will explore their key features. You can experiment with each one separately to discover the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

1. Vivid AI — The Best Haircut Try On App

Available: iOS / Android

Key Features:

  • Offering tailored hairstyle ideas that you might never have considered as a good fit for yourself
  • High quality generated images to share on social media
  • AI scene to turn photo into artwork
  • Text to image feature to generate images with AI
vivid ai

Vivid AI is a versatile AI art generator, and its AI Avatar feature allows users to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors. Unlike many apps that rely on hairstyle filters, which can sometimes create unrealistic results, Vivid AI uses advanced AI technology to produce new hairstyles that seamlessly fit your facial shape and look entirely natural. Additionally, the generated images are of high quality, making them ideal for use as profile pictures on social media platforms.

vivid ai

Apart from trying out different hairstyles, you can also explore various hair colors and accessories, expanding the range of possibilities for your hairdo. Say goodbye to the worry of not knowing how to enhance your look – with Vivid AI, the options are limitless.

vivid ai

The excitement doesn't stop here! You should definitely experience Vivid AI's AI Outfit feature, which provides a range of styles such as Vintage, Y2K, Classic suits, and more. It's an opportunity to discover fresh clothing styles and ensembles, and the images it generates are exquisitely detailed. Don't hesitate to give it a try!

Learn More About Vivid AI’s Usages

2. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS / Android

Key Features:

  • Delivers lifelike outcomes through the use of advanced AI technology
  • Provides realistic results with AI technology
  • Offers multiple other AI photo editing tools to level up your photos

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing application harnessing the power of AI technology to instantly enhance your selfies. Similar to Vivid AI, you can try on hairstyles with its AI Avatar feature. Moreover, you can opt for multiple styles simultaneously, creating a collection of images that you can easily share for feedback or use as your next profile picture.


Furthermore, PhotoDirector offers a diverse range of AI Avatar styles, including options like child, fairy, wedding, astronaut, and steampunk. Additionally, you can play around with gender-swapping to see how you'd look as the opposite gender. Give the app a try and enjoy the creative possibilities it offers!

3. FaceApp

Available: iOS / Android

Key Features:

  • High quality AI features like hairstyle change, gender swap, and age swap
  • Multiple makeup tools allows you to enhance your selfies effortlessly
  • Provides professional photo editing tools such as background removal and color change

More than a haircut try-on app, FaceApp offers a vast array of filters, backgrounds, and effects, enabling photorealistic edits in just one tap. With more than 60 filters and a range of editing tools, you can perfect your selfies, experiment with hairstyles, explore gender swaps, aging effects, and more.

4. Perfect Hairstyle: New Hair Cut

Available: iOS

Key Features:

  • Provides more than 50 hairstyles to try on for free
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Provides editing tools allows you to adjust color, brightness, and more after try on hairstyles

Perfect Hairstyle is a dedicated hairstyle try on app that provides a range of free hairstyle filters for experimentation. Users can easily adjust hairstyle angles and colors. While it's user-friendly, its downside lies in the use of hairstyle filters, which may not always seamlessly blend with your appearance, resulting in occasionally unnatural results.

5. YouCam Makeup

Available: iOS / Android

Key Features:

  • Provides trendy hairstyles and hair color with natural results
  • Professional makeup tools to perfect your selfies
  • Offers fun AI tools like AI Fashion and Pet Avatar

YouCam Makeup, the top AR makeup camera app and selfie editor, offers virtual makeovers from leading brands with instant beauty filters. Alongside hairstyle and hair color try-ons, it provides comprehensive makeup tools for perfect selfies and fun AI Avatars. Don't miss the pet avatar feature, which can turn your pets into stylish companions!

How to Virtually Try on Hairstyles?

With the following simple steps, you can try on hairstyles easily with the best haircut try on app — Vivid AI.

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”

vivid ai

After opening Vivid AI, you will find AI Avatar at the top of the main page, tap it and we can start virtually trying on hairstyles.

2. Tap “Realistic” to Find “Hair Style”

vivid ai

Next, Vivid AI provides both realistic and artistic avatar styles for you to try, and “hairstyle” belongs to the realistic one. After tapping “Realistic”, you need to choose a gender, and you can find “Hair Style” in the styles below.

3. Import 10-20 Photos

You're almost done! Just upload 10-20 photos of yourself. For optimal results, select portrait photos where you're facing the camera. If you want to create stunning avatars for social media, feel free to use photos with various backgrounds; Vivid AI will transform them into visually appealing ones.

4. Wait For Your New Hair Styles!

vivid ai

Simply wait a few minutes, and you'll receive a collection of stylish and beautiful hairstyles. We hope you find the perfect one you've been looking for. Now, you can confidently go ahead and change your hairstyle!

Aside from the AI Avatar function, Vivid AI offers a range of other impressive features. For instance, the "Text to Image" tool enables image creation through text input, while "AI Scene" transforms your entire photo into various styles such as cyberpunk, line drawing, and gothic. Additionally, "AI Background" seamlessly replaces your existing background with a new, aesthetically pleasing one. Try these features and you will find yourself totally addicted to it!

What Hairstyle Suits My Face Shape?

vivid ai

Although we can try haircuts with convenient hairstyle try on apps, you may still wonder what hairstyles suit your face shape. Below, we have provided a straightforward guideline for your reference:

  • Oval Face: Suit most hairstyles but avoid styles that hide your face shape, as you can showcase your balanced features.
  • Round Face: Try hairstyles with layers or side-swept bangs to elongate the face. Avoid blunt, chin-length cuts or excessive volume on the sides.
  • Square Face: Opt for layered hairstyles, waves, or curls to soften the edges. Avoid very short or severely straight hairstyles that emphasize squareness.
  • Heart Face: Hairstyles that add volume at the jawline or chin, like chin-length bobs or long layers, can balance the face. Avoid heavy, full bangs that accentuate the wideness of the forehead.
  • Diamond Face: Hairstyles that add width at the forehead or jawline, such as side-swept bangs or layered styles, can balance the face. Avoid excessive volume at the cheekbones, as it can make the face appear wider.
  • Rectangular Face: Opt for styles with waves, curls, or layers that add volume to the sides of the face. Avoid very long, straight hairstyles that can make the face appear even longer.
  • Triangular Face: Hairstyles with volume at the crown and layers can balance the face. Avoid heavy, straight-across bangs that emphasize the wide jawline.

Download Vivid AI — The Best Haircut Try On App

vivid ai

Thanks to haircut try on apps, discovering the perfect hairstyle has never been more convenient. These apps empower users to experiment with various looks virtually, ensuring confident decisions. Among them, Vivid AI stands out as the top choice, offering a seamless and precise experience, and many other fantastic AI art features.  Download the app and explore and choose the ideal hairstyle.

Learn More about Vivid AI’s AI Art Features:

FAQs about Haircut Try On Apps

1. Is there a way to virtually try haircuts?

Yes, with AI technology, virtual hairstyle try-on apps have made it possible to experiment with different hairstyles effortlessly. Users can upload photos and virtually test various haircuts, colors, and styles, providing a realistic preview before making any hair-related decisions.

2. How to test hairstyles on my face?

To test hairstyles on your face, you can download the best hairstyle app-Vivid AI and use "AI Avatar." feature to see how you look like in various hairstyles.

3. Is there a hairstyle app that lets you try different hairstyles?

Yes, below are top five recommended haircut try on apps, just give them a try and find your favorite ones

  1. Vivid AI
  2. PhotoDirector
  3. FaceApp
  4. Perfect Hairstyle:New Hair Cut
  5. YouCam Makeup

4. How do I know which hairstyle suits me?

You can get hairstyle ideas with Vivid AI — the best hairstyle try on app,  just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”
  2. Tap “Realistic” to Find “Hair Style”
  3. Import 10-20 Photos
  4. Wait For Your New Hair Styles!

5. What is the best hairstyle app?

We recommend Vivid AI as the best haircut try on app for the following reasons:

  • It provides seamless and natural results 
  • It offers tailored hairstyle ideas that you might never have considered as a good fit for yourself
  • The image generated by Vivid AI is high quality for you to share on social media
  • The other versatile AI art features of Vivid AI are designed for pure enjoyment and creativity
  • Available for both iOS and Android

6. How does a hairstyle app work?

A hair style try on app uses advanced AI technology to analyze a user's photo, determining factors such as face shape and features. It then overlays virtual hairstyles, allowing users to explore different looks. Users can often customize colors, lengths, and styles, providing a realistic preview of potential hair transformations.

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