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7 Best Video Editing Software for Mac in 2022 (Inc. M1 Macs)

Last Updated on Apr. 1, 2022 – by David Morgan
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The Best Free Video Editors with Effects for Beginners

Video editing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years with the rise of video-based social media giants like YouTube and TikTok. Everyone wants to become an influencer and post the next viral video but that dream hinges on one key factor: Having the right set of tools.

While for years Windows PC has been the go-to device for editors, Mac is now becoming the standard for creative professionals - such as video editors or photographers. With more affordable models such as Macbook Air, iMac, and Mac mini hitting the market, more students and enthusiasts have now started embracing Mac computers.

Just got your new Mac and ready to tackle that school project, TikTok video, or YouTube Video? Continue reading to check out our choices for the best video editors available on Mac OS.

Video editing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years with the rise of video-based social media giants like YouTube and TikTok. Everyone wants to become an influencer and post the next viral video but that dream hinges on one key factor: Having the right set of tools.

This article is introducing the best software for your Mac. If you are looking for how to best edit your TikTok or YouTube videos on your smartphone, look no further! Check out the below articles to quickly get started and create amazing social media videos:

If you are looking for the best app to edit your videos, we recommend PowerDirector. Not only is it free but it also lets you export your edited videos directly to YouTube or Facebook! 

Top 3 Mac Video Editors Snapshot

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector 365: Best Choice Overall

Our top choice on this list. PowerDirector is a straightforward and simple video editing software. It offers a comprehensive collection of tools designed for editors of all skill levels. Create videos to grow your YouTube Channel or cut together home movies. This editor is perfect for all kinds of projects. Detailed Review >

Adobe Premiere Pro Logo

2. Adobe Premiere Pro: Best Choice for Professionals

Adobe knows how to make quality creative programs, and Premiere Pro is no exception. As the professional industry standard, Premiere Pro provides all expert editor tools.

Final Cut Logo

3. Final Cut Pro: Best Choice for Apple Loyalist

If you’re someone who wants everything Apple, Final Cut Pro X is for you. In typical fashion, Apple has created video editing software with intelligent design for professionals to produce Hollywood-quality projects.

7 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

1. PowerDirector 365: Best Choice Overall

PowerDirector Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Key Features:

  • Built-in transitions, templates, and overlay effects
  • Simple & powerful plug-in for creating video collages
  • Advanced tools for creating effects based videos
  • Ability to save videos to a hard drive in several formats, publish to YouTube, or share on Facebook

User Friendliness: 10 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 10 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 10 / 10

PowerDirector is a premium video editing software that offers easy-to-navigate features for beginners, expert editors, and everyone in between. It includes professional tools that won’t break the bank but can turn your videos into Hollywood-level projects.

A traditional timeline interface with a streamlined design makes adding video overlays, titles, and transitions easy. In addition, you can edit in square and vertical aspect ratios perfect for social media clips. Drag-&-Drop effects and motion graphics are great if you’re a beginner, but all these features are customizable, which makes them ideal for experienced editors. 

When compared to other editors on this list, PowerDirector 365 will give you the most bang for your buck. You’ll be able to jump right in with its easy-to-use interface and avoid spending hours learning the software like some other less intuitive programs.

So download it for free below and see why Techradar called it, “Powerful and affordable”

  • Easy learning curve to get you editing in no time
  • Fully loaded with basic and premium features
  • Multiple updates throughout the year, including new, exclusive features and creative packs
  • Works on M1 Macs
  • Mac version isn’t quite as comprehensive as the Windows version

2. Adobe Premiere Pro: Best Choice for Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Key Features:

  • Precise editing and trimming tools
  • Automatic functionality
  • Advanced editing features

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 8 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 9 / 10

If creating videos professionally is your thing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the tool you need to be using. This program is an industry-standard, and professionals use it to produce content for mainstream media. 

The range of features and professional-level quality make the hefty price tag worthwhile. You’ll have everything you need to cut a TV Show or feature film. You can create an immersive video with support for VR 180 with effects. Plus, have access to high-definition and 4K video assets in the program at an additional cost via Adobe Stock.

Adobe Premiere Pro will be a bit out of a beginners league. If you haven’t edited before, please be mindful of this. Getting started could take hours.

  • Professional-quality tools and interface
  • Compatibility within Creative Cloud
  • Works on M1 Macs
  • Steep learning curve especially for beginners
  • Requires a high performing computer

3. Final Cut Pro: Best Choice for Apple Loyalists

Final Cut Interface

Compatibility: Mac

Key Features:

  • Magnetic timeline
  • Cinematic mode adjustments
  • Color grading and motion graphics

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 8 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 8 / 10

If you are an advanced video editor with a Mac, Final Cut Pro X is the best program for you. This program has a selection of smart features and a clean, intelligent interface that will enable you to create Hollywood-level videos from your desktop. 

Paying the one-time cost of $300 will give you access to all of its features forever. These include the new Object Tracker, which utilizes machine learning to detect faces and objects then matches movements with titles and effects. A unique feature to Apple-made video editors is adjusting focus from videos captured in Cinematic mode on an iPhone 13.

Final Cut Pro takes advantage of the new M1 chips and, for this reason, can be a better choice than Adobe Premiere Pro if you have a new Mac. However, if you don’t, you won’t be able to take advantage of this, so it might not be worth the upfront cost.

  • Not subscription-based
  • Intuitive interface
  • Range-of-effect options
  • Works on M1 Macs
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Expensive

4. DaVinci Resolve: Best for Color Correction and Audio

DaVinci Resolve Interface

Compatibility: Linux, Mac, Windows

Key Features:

  • Multi-user collaboration options
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Professional audio, color correction, and effects

User Friendliness: 4 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 8 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 10 / 10

DaVinci Resolve offers incredible high-end features that go above and beyond simple editing tools for a free program. For example, the program’s detailed color correction allows you to adjust skin tones and eye color quickly, and its audio production is professional-level.

It features new image processing for the latest wide gamut HDR with HDR grading tools and an AI-based magic mask. In addition, an audio engine for immersive 3D audio workflows supports 2,000 tracks. Plus, a node-based visual effects workflow and hundreds of 2D and 3D tools. It's all you'll ever need to start your post-production studio. 

DaVinci Resolve has a massive learning curve. It's so complex you can't sit down and start creating videos with no former knowledge of video editing. Even advanced users can struggle with it at first. But, yes, you can do a training program or watch hours of tutorials and become proficient with it. 

  • Quality audio editing tools
  • Color correction
  • Fusion editing modules
  • Steep learning curve
  • Needs a powerful computer
  • Cannot export directly to social media
  • Operates best with specially designed expensive hardware

5. Apple iMovie: Best for Beginners on a Budget

Apple iMovie Interface

Compatibility: Mac

Key Features:

  • Automated video editing
  • Audio and soundtrack adjustments
  • Transitions, overlays, effects, and slicing tools

User Friendliness: 9 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 9 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 3 / 10

iMovie is a video editing program that comes pre-installed on Mac devices. It features a range of editing tools to create a polished video. iMovie also stands out for including premium audio-editing options that you can’t find in a lot of other free software.

Basic video editing is where iMovie excels. It has all the tools needed to edit both video and audio. Create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning videos. Add photos and videos to projects, trim clips, add seamless transitions, and fade audio.

Advanced features are where iMovie falls short. It does have chroma key, picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects, but that's about it. Apple has reserved its truly impressive features for Final Cut Pro. 

  • Pre-installed
  • Excellent audio editing tools for a basic editor
  • Not built for professional results
  • Lacks advanced features like motion tracking

6. Hitfilm Express: Best for Professionals on a Budget

Hitfilm Express Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Key Features:

  • Layers and masking
  • Range of import formats
  • 180+ editing effects

User Friendliness: 6 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 7 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 7 / 10

Hitfilm Express is a good choice for premium, professional software that won’t break your budget. Most of its features are free, but it does require some time to learn.

It has found a unique position for itself in the video editing world. It is not entirely professional and not quite a consumer product; it is ideal for intermediate editors heavily interested in visual effects. It is the most accessible editor for creating 3D effects on the market. This is really what the software is designed and marketed as. 

You can use both Video Copilot and Red Giant plugins. It is the only After Effects alternative available that supports both. If you are interested in becoming a visual effects artist and not ready to jump into Adobe After Effects, Hitfilm Express is a great option.

  • Professional features
  • 3D effects support
  • Tricky interface to learn

7. Adobe Premiere Elements: Best for Beginners

Adobe Premiere Elements Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Key Features:

  • A decent selection of effects
  • Smart functionality
  • Video stabilization options

User Friendliness: 8 / 10

Basic Video Editing Tools: 8 / 10

Advanced Video Editing Features: 3 / 10

Premiere Elements is Adobe’s basic video editing software. Users who are new to video editing or are looking to edit videos for fun will find the interface easy to navigate with all of the necessary features. 

The program’s AI tools will walk you through some of the steps of the video editing process. You can make quick fixes or add effects, transitions, and animations with Guided Edits. Or create slideshows and video collages for social media.

Adobe Premiere Elements is the most beginner of paid software on this list and doesn’t give a user much room to grow. But it does have Smart Tags, facial recognition, and more for easy organization, making it ideal for home movies.

  • Simple interface
  • Artificial intelligence features
  • 4K support
  • Can perform slowly with heavy use
  • Has limited functions

Best Video Editing Software for Mac Download

You can’t go wrong using any of these programs; they all include the basic features you’ll need to create a quality video along with several advanced tools. Some are better for professional editing, while others are more suitable for hobbyists or beginners. Thankfully, many offer free trials or are always free, so you can test the waters before you invest.

However, becoming comfortable with a program's features is as important as choosing the right one. Any of these software options can create amazing videos if you know how to use them.

Download PowerDirector 365 today to begin your video editing journey.

Apple Video Editing Software FAQ

1. What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

The best video editor for YouTube comes down to what features you feel you need. Some YouTubers use professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, while a lot opt for an excellent in-between program like PowerDirector 365. PowerDirector has a unique balance of professional results while being easy to use. Knowing how to utilize your program is just as important as having the best editing software for YouTube. You can make excellent videos with the affordable programs on our list, though the advanced ones have their benefits.

2. What is the best video editing software for beginners?

Several of the programs above are suitable for beginners. For example, PowerDirector, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Elements all utilize simple, easy-to-navigate platforms, and you can find tutorials for many of their editing techniques.

Here are our top 5 picks.

  1. PowerDirector
  2. iMovie
  3. VideoPad
  4. Movavi Video Editor
  5. Adobe Premiere Elements

You can also check out our article 5 Best Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software for Beginners

3. How to edit videos on Mac?

Follow these simple steps when you are video editing on an Apple machine.

Step 1: Import and organize footage.

Step 2: Cut footage together.

Step 3: Preview cut, and revise.

Step 4: Add transitions between clips.

Step 5: Add titles and effects.

Step 6: Edit and mix audio.

Step 7: Color correct and grade.

Step 8: Save and produce video.

4. What features should I look for in a Mac video editor?

  1. User-friendliness
  2. Easy-to-use basic editing tools
  3. Titles
  4. Transitions
  5. Motion graphics
  6. Stock library
  7. Compositing tools like chroma key
  8. Large format support
  9. Audio editing
  10.  Color correction

These features can be found in our #1 choice, PowerDirector.

5. What are the best apps to edit videos on my iPhone/iPad?

  1. PowerDirector
  2. LumaFusion
  3. iMovie
  4. InShot
  5. KineMaster

For more information on each app, check out the Top 5 Video Editor App for iPhone & iPad.

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