9 Hottest YouTube Trends You Can't Ignore in 2024 (Updated)

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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9 Hottest YouTube Trends You Can't Ignore

YouTube is unstoppable. It sees over two billion logged-in users each month which doesn't even include the visitors who do not create or log in to an account. Because of its popularity, YouTube video trends change and emerge constantly. So whether you're a YouTube creator or casual user, keeping up with these trends will help you stay current with the more extensive YouTube user base. 

We’ve analyzed YouTube videos from the past few months to determine the latest YouTube trends. Read on to figure out what type of video you should create next for your own YouTube channel.

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Top 9 YouTube Trends

1. YouTube Challenges

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? They are fun to do and are almost always hilarious to watch. Plus, challenge videos typically get more views than regular videos and are a fast and easy way to grow your channel. 

There are a wide variety of challenge types. Some of the most popular are food-related, like Spicy vs. Sweet Food. 24 Hour Challenges, like Overnight or Surviving videos. And, of course, the classic Couple Challenge.

2. YouTube Shorts

Thanks to TikTok, short-form videos have absolutely taken over as the most popular form of entertainment. It’s so easy to get hooked. Who hasn’t lost hours of time by getting sucked into scrolling through video after video? 

YouTube rolled out Shorts in the U.S. in March 2021, and since then, they have become a popular trend with the broader YouTube user base. Shorts can be up to 60 seconds, and instead of uploading them to their regular channel pages, creators post these videos on the dedicated “Shorts” tab

3. Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streams have become more popular on the YouTube platform in recent years. For example, daily live streams increased by 45% in the first half of 2020, and 58% of live stream viewers reported that watching live videos helped them feel connected during the pandemic. 

This trend has continued, and you can find thousands of live streams at any given time about a wide range of topics—not just gaming.

4. Community Engagement

Anyone who has been a YouTuber for more than a couple of months knows how important having a community is. Community engagement is key to growing. Recently, popular YouTubers have also begun integrating “subscribers decide” videos into their regular content. In these videos, creators make decisions based on the results of polls from their subscribers. A few popular types of “subscribers decide” videos include:

  • Subscribers decide my outfit
  • Subscribers decide what game I play
  • Subscribers determine what I eat for 24 hours

These videos allow viewers to feel connected to their favorite creators, even if those creators have millions of subscribers participating in their polls. 



A niche genre that has expanded to be one of the most popular YouTube trends, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos are some of the most surprising videos on our trending list. Fans of this genre report that ASMR videos produce relaxing sensory tingles that start in the scalp, known as “brain massages.” 

Today, ASMR is the third most popular YouTube search term worldwide. Even if ASMR videos aren’t your cup of tea, you can’t deny that they have exploded in popularity in recent years. 

6. DIY/Life Hacks/How to

Typing “how to” into the YouTube search bar will bring up suggested videos ranging from how to do everyday tasks such as learning how to tie a tie to specific instructions such as how to change your display name on Roblox. One of the best ways to learn a new skill is by watching a video, and the outstanding amount of content on YouTube means there will most likely be dozens of teachers to choose from for any given topic. 

7. Immersive Shopping

Immersive Shopping

If you have ever watched a YouTube video that led you to purchase a specific product, you have participated in “immersive shopping.” This YouTube trend includes videos ranging from “hauls” (a YouTuber showing and trying on items they recently purchased) to “shop with me” experiences to gift guides. 

A recent study found that 80% of online shoppers saw the product they were planning to buy in a YouTube video. Immersive shopping videos have immense influence over consumer shopping trends—when these videos go viral, stores often sell out of the items featured in the videos.

8. 360 Video

Bring on the Metaverse. And with it, 360-degree videos, or immersive videos, allowing viewers to use a VR headset or drag their screens to view a landscape as if they were turning in a complete circle. 

When 360 first came out, many people thought it would be the next big thing. It never really picked up popularity until 2020, when the pandemic prevented people from doing pretty much anything. Plus, the rise of popularity in VR over the last two years has brought on a whole new surge of 360 content.

It’s important to note that not every video editing program has 360-degree capability. As a result, many YouTubers turn to software like PowerDirector 365 to create these videos, a program that makes it easy to cut 360-degree videos. 

Once you import a 360-degree video from your camera to the PowerDirector timeline, a 360 editor will open that allows you to add titles, stabilize your footage, and more.

9. Gaming


If you aren’t into video games, you may not realize how popular this genre is throughout YouTube. The site currently has over 40 million active gaming channels. 

Now, gaming is definitely not a new trend since according to YouTube’s 2020 statistics, users watched over 100 billion hours of gaming content in 2020—double the number of hours users watched in 2018. But, it is also not a trend that is going away anytime soon. 

If starting a gaming channel interests you, check out How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel. It is an all-in-one guide with everything you need to know to start your gaming career on YouTube.

Best Free Video Editor for YouTube Trends

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites on the internet, and viewers, creators, and casual passersby alike can benefit from knowing the current trends impacting YouTube culture. 

Trends from the pandemic have continued to influence YouTube content, like 360-degree videos, immersive shopping experiences, and live streams rank highly in the YouTube trending tab. 

Additionally, emerging trends, such as YouTube shorts, have shaped the ways YouTubers interact with the platform and impacted what types of content users expect from their favorite creators. 

Because video editing trends frequently change, choosing an editing program that can handle modern editing styles is necessary. If you have a YouTube channel or plan to start one soon, you should conduct adequate research to find an editing program that meets your needs. 

We recommend starting your search by downloading PowerDirector for free. It is an excellent choice for a beginner to create YouTube videos thanks to its straightforward design. You won’t need to spend hours learning to use the software. It’s designed for anyone to be able to produce professional-quality videos in minutes.

YouTube Trends FAQ

1. How Do I Find What’s Trending on YouTube?

To see the most recent trending videos on YouTube check out the Trending Feed

2. What Things Should I Consider When Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube?

  1. Budget and price
  2. Learning curve/ease of use
  3. Video format support and Multi-GPGPU acceleration
  4. Advanced editing tools
  5. Special effects, music, and other perks
  6. Quality customer support

For a complete understanding of what to look for, check out 6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube.

3. What's the Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Creators?

Video editing can seem scary when you're starting off as a new content creator. That's why we recommend PowerDirector as the best video editing software for PC and Mac as it's specifically designed for speed and ease of use. Professionals can consider using Resolve with its extensive features and powerful color grading tools.

  1. PowerDirector
  2. DaVinci Resolve
  3. Movie Maker Online
  4. Shotcut
  5. OpenShot

Read our in-depth review of free editing software for Windows and our round-up of free video editors for Mac.

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