5 Tips on Starting a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

YouTube gaming videos are one of the most popular content online. People like PewDiePie, Ninja, and KSI have amassed loyal followings with their entertaining and engaging styles, elevating gaming into an international phenomenon. You can join them, but only if you have the right software and know-how.

To help you go from a novice to gaming legend, we have put together the top 5 tips to starting a successful YouTube gaming channel. We cover everything from the best video game editing software to finding your niche and getting the right gear. 

Here's what you need to know about starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2024.

1. Pick the Right Equipment

Before making videos for your channel, make sure you have the right gear to make the best quality videos. There are not many things less entertaining than watching a poorly made video.

Pick between PC vs Console

Console, PC and Xbox

How you stream will depend on your hardware, with PS5, Xbox, and PC/Mac ranking among the most common choices. 

If the game is on PC, it is more straightforward when capturing and producing video. Using a computer lets you record, edit, and distribute your videos from one centralized location. All you have to do is download screen capture software and editing software to get started. (More on those in a moment.) 

Consoles have advanced features and decent flexibility, though you can't stream directly from your Xbox or PS5 to YouTube. Regardless of what you play on, you should invest in a reliable PC even if you're on a shoestring budget. 

Invest in a Gamer-Friendly Video Editing Software

PowerDirector UI - Gaming Channel

One of the essential parts of any YouTube channel's creative arsenal is high-quality video editing software. With a professional editing program, you can do everything from cutting and assembling your clips, adding polished titles and music, to making your footage look pristine.

When editing gaming videos, it is crucial to be comfortable with your software. If you’re new to editing, this can be a challenge as many programs require you to invest hours into learning how to use them. Luckily, there is software for all skill levels. 

Here are our top three picks for the best video editing software for gaming videos.

3 Best Editing Software for YouTube Gaming Videos

1. PowerDirector - Best Overall Software

PowerDirector Logo

PC Mag Editor’s Choice and Best of the Year 2021 PowerDirector stands out among other video editors as the best choice for any skill level. Its wholly unique design makes it the perfect software for beginners to use. It takes only a few minutes to become familiar with its editing tools and be able to produce professional-quality videos. 

PowerDirector comes fully loaded with the most up-to-date editing features. It includes video templates designed for gaming channels, drag-and-drop video transitions, effects, and motion graphics, plus a royalty-free stock library to add music, images, and even videos to your content without having to worry about violating any copyrights. 

If you are looking for a video editing software with all the tools you will need for your YouTube channel, there is no better option than PowerDirector. Download this highly-reviewed, award-winning software for free and take your gaming channel to the next level.

Not a video editing expert? That's okay. Here's how to record and edit gameplay videos. This guide provides step-by-step assistance to create attention-grabbing gaming videos.

2. Corel VideoStudio - Best for Intermediate Editors

Corel VideoStudio Logo

Corel VideoStudio is a significant step up from editing software like iMovie. It is ideal for those with some editing experience but don’t have advanced knowledge or consider themselves experts. 

With effects, graphic titles, transitions, and more, gamers can create shareable videos in the straightforward editing dashboard. 

VideoStudio comes in two formats: Pro 2021 and Ultimate 2021. Though lacking in some advanced features, both versions offer enhanced color correction and project templates to create intriguing video clips.

3. Pinnacle Studio 25 - Best for More Advanced Editors

Pinnacle Studio Logo

Pinnacle Studio’s video editing software is a viable option for gamers who have editing experience and know what they are doing. The design tools available within the program offer reliable speed, especially after the software’s latest update. 

The software allows you to rotate, trim, merge, and flip videos. Add motion graphics and apply various overlays to your work before sharing.

Plus, content creators will enjoy the hundreds of effects to enhance their videos while editing. 

Get a Screen Recording Software

Screen Recorder - Cyberlink

Give your audience high-definition visuals with the power of a professional-grade video capture device and software. Gamers worldwide use Screen Recorder to live stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. The robust software provides an all-in-one solution that lets users stream, vlog, and record with ease.

Screen Recorder works well if you want to multi-stream with friends. It enables you to have up to five simultaneous live streams and two additional custom services. The software also uses minimal CPU and GPU processing, ensuring that you have the smoothest gameplay experience possible.

Screen Recorder is available as a stand-alone product and included as a plug-in of PowerDirector.

Pick a Camera With Real-Time Effects

Don't rely on your built-in camera for streaming. Instead, upgrade your live video studio with YouCam. The webcam software offers crisp footage and intuitive controls which makes it popular for YouTube gaming channels.

YouCam comes with more than 200 augmented reality effects, ranging from skin smoothing and lighting effects to animated emojis. In addition, the webcam app has built-in lighting and sharpening tools that improve your image quality. It even has photo editing capabilities to add your artistic touch to still images.

Buy High-Quality Headphones With a Built-In Microphone

High quality headphones

Headphones and microphones are an essential part of the gaming experience. How else are people going to hear your witty insights? If you want to create pre-recorded videos, such as a walkthrough or review, consider using your smartphone's audio recording feature to save money.

It would be best if you had a minimum level of quality for your audio. People need to understand what you're saying without distortion or clipping. You can select from numerous investment-worthy USB microphones and microphone-headset combos online.

2. Find Your Niche and Target Audience

Before starting your channel, you need to decide on the video style you'll make or the niche you want your channel to be. Deciding your niche should come down to your strengths as a gamer. We will go over the most popular niches and how to know which is best suited for you. After that, you can combine any genre and niche to create a focused YouTube gaming channel.


Are you an expert at playing through games or explaining how to win? Then there are a lot of people who want to learn from you. Showcase your expertise through walkthroughs, which take viewers on a guide in first-player. For example, you can bring players through the different levels of Ancient Evil or Shadow of the Tomb Raider with insightful and relevant commentary, helping them unlock milestone achievements and other significant actions. Check out vash12349, who has over 150,000,000 views, to see some great examples of walk-throughs. 

Breaking Records

Can you play through games fast? People want to see the best of the best for YouTube gaming. If you can break some world records, you have an inside track to streaming success. There's no shortage of records to attack. Some popular ones include the fastest person to complete the Super Mario Bros game (four minutes and 58.56 seconds) and the most points on Temple Run (136,358,478 points).


Maybe you aren't the best player, but you can make people laugh. This is probably your niche if you can fail miserably and have your friends cracking up. Humor videos allow you to win over audiences, whether you're playing Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, or Red Dead Redemption 2. It doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as everyone else is laughing by the end.

Let's Play

Let's Play get their name from YouTube gamers saying, "Let's play [this game]." The category has reached tens of millions of people, thanks to innovators like PewDiePie and GameGrumps. While walkthroughs and reviews require thoughtful and helpful insights, Let's Plays rely on a host's personality and charisma.


Do your friends always ask you, “Should I play this game or not?”. If they do, perhaps it's because you are a reliable reviewer. There are a lot of gamers trying to figure out what to play next. Give them an answer with a review. Girlfriend Reviews and UpIsNotJump have built strong gaming communities with clear, informative, and evidence-based reviews of popular games.


If you love playing every day, then you might consider live streaming. Live streaming has skyrocketed in popularity following the success of Ninja streaming Fortnite on Twitch. The niche lets viewers get an unedited look into the lives of their favorite gamers. Some of the top live streaming options include The Legend of Zelda, Dead by Daylight, and Resident Evil. 

3. Setup for Success

Gaming Youtube Set Up

You're going to need a name before you create your YouTube channel. It can be something silly, like PewDiePie or Juegagerman, or something cool, like MrBeast6000 or Sssniperwolf. Don't think about it too hard. You can always change it later.

Once your channel is ready, it is time to create your set where you film. This can be as simple as your bedroom or a home office. Whatever it is, make sure your background captures your personality. 

If you would rather keep the focus on you and the game, then get a set of lights and a green screen so you can cleanly remove the background of your videos to superimpose yourself over your gameplay.

4. Plan Your Videos

Now, it's time to create a schedule and stick to it. If you're making video game reviews or walkthroughs, aim to shoot one or two videos per week because they take time to edit and produce. Of course, you can shoot for a higher number if you live stream your content.

Make sure to add detailed descriptions to your videos. YouTube uses this information to rank your video on the results pages, helping people find your channel. You can also include links to your social media channels so that fans can follow you on other platforms.

Last but not less, make high-quality thumbnails. Every thumbnail should have a clear image that conveys the central theme of your video. If you add text, use a large font so people can read it without straining.

5. Build a Community

like, subscribe, and leave comments

Building a community takes time and effort. It's not going to happen overnight. So the best thing you can do is stick to it and keep creating content even if growth occurs slowly.

Start by sharing your videos and streams with friends and family. These people will support you from the get-go, even if your content is rough around the edges. They can also provide feedback on what you're doing well and what needs improvement.

Consider a collaboration once you begin making a name for yourself in the gaming community. Channel crossovers serve as a great way to reach new viewers who may not be familiar with your content. For example, when Drake played Fortnite with Ninja, it broke the record for most live streams ever on Twitch.  

Finally, don't forget to ask your audience to like, subscribe, and leave comments. Each of these actions plays into the YouTube algorithm. The more you get, the higher your videos will rank in searches. You can also foster goodwill by responding to comments on your videos.

Best Free YouTube Gaming Software

If you want to start a YouTube gaming channel, you need the right equipment. That means having powerful software like Screen Recorder and PowerDirector so that you can capture all the action. These software options let you record, edit, and produce high-quality gaming videos in no time. If you're serious about YouTube gaming, check out YouCam. The webcam software will help make you look better when streaming.

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